Wednesday, November 27, 2013 takes you into a World of Amazing Clothing! [Store Sneak Peek and Winners]

Indo western and Indian Trends 

Of lately, the big daddies of world fashion are taking notice of Indian trends. Wonder why? It’s the magic spilled by Indian designers on desi fashion. They have discovered an all new segment in fashion called Indo western. It’s classy, chic, and comfortable. These trends have style of the west in Indian soul.  

In fact, they have taken these fusion trends to the ramps where models sway in gorgeous Ghagras teamed with halter necks and tank tops; sarees are draped like a gown; denims paired with traditional urtas and jootis; or you see that Sarini, a unique style merging saree with bikini.  


Perhaps, Indian trends embark largely upon the sarees. This traditional Indian attire is creating ripples in Fashion world and luring even the Hollywood divas to grab one for them. Angelina Jolie, Halley Berry, Pussy Cats; they all have donned a saree to sizzle on the red carpets and parties.   

Here, fusion wear has become a rage with the youngsters who find them absolutely comfortable and ‘cool’. Western tops paired with long skirts with embroidery or patch work; Jodhpuri salwars having noodle straps and halter tops, leggings with spaghetti strap short kurti; these Indo western styles are full of variety to show your creativity. 

Indian trends evoke the feminine beauty of a woman while Indo western styles make you look sassy and contemporary to the core. But when the matter is to choose among these two trends, the verdict definitely will go for Indo western styling  indo western gowns coz it is as trendy as ethnic.  


Interestingly, the effervescence and quintessential charm of Indian ethnic wear is accentuated by these fusion trends. They emphasize on the inherent styling of these outfits without overdoing it. And those who are still in a fix to try these trends or not, we have a catch! You can wear your regular western stuff but accessorize it the Indian way with traditional jootisjholas, or ethnic Indian bead jewelry.  

Pick up your own fusion style from and rock the moment wherever you go!

And now we move onto the Winners of the Week!

Glam Casa Giveaway - 

Wraps by Natalie Giveaway - 

Meggles101 Giveaway -

Urbanjunk Giveaway -

Romwe Giveaway -

Sintu Jay & Sangita Nimmagadda 

Congrats to the lucky winners and please make sure you MESSAGE me TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE USING YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE THAT I HAVE TAGGED ABOVE - Give me your full address and contact number within 48 hours to claim your prizes.

These giveaways are open for redraw so in case the above winner DOES NOT RESPOND IN TIME - i will be choosing a new winner. 

All you got to do is comment below!

Check out and tell me your favourite item & where you live! Best of Luck!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Yet again Romwe has come up with some exciting news! Giveaways, cash coupons, Free offers and what not! Check out the links i  have posted below and ENTER wherever you think is most appropriate to you!
Btw do you watch 2 Broke Girls? Yes? Then definitely this event will be exciting for you!

Romwe Top 8 Styles Sale!
Date: Nov 20 to Nov 26

Round1: Share ‘win free page’ and win free clothes:

Round2: Save more with extra coupon code: 

Round3: Buy 3 and more get 1 for free

[Giveaway] Accessorize from iCynosure!

iCynosure is giving away these items! 2 Winners will be able to choose what they would love to win! Open to all Fashion Lovers all over the world!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

[Home Deco and Winners Post] Add just the POP of Pink to your room!

When i was younger i had decided i wanted my house to be 'Black and White' then i thought 'Pink and Purple' and yes the idea of a total barbie pink house stayed on my mind throughout my teenage years and even after i got married. We stayed at my parents the first 2 years of marriage so the pink house plan wasnt really going to work as my parents had this whole antique... well Aladdin's cave like theme going on there. Which i admit was so beautiful ofcourse.. with the HUGEST BED EVER and a HUGE VANITY and all that. Oil lamps and tall copper vases and stuff.. it definitely was a nice theme. BUT i wanted MY pink house after all and then we moved to Doha! This meant a house for ourselves and we could pretty much do anything with it. After loads of thought i realised a pink house would probably make the 2 men in my life (Mr. Husband & Mr. Baby) gag. So i settled down to colours.. all colours.. mostly pastel. Which i realised is an amazing theme by itself! My house is still undergoing its bad days so i will not be showing you more pictures as yet. So pastel theme seems to be totally fun (i must admit) but my love for pink was there as always and then yes.. i decided i will add a pop of pink here and there.. and so in came this beautiful HOT PINK SATIN RUFFLE PILLOW into my life/house/room. What do you think?

You can see the striking pink! Its definitely the hottest girly pink colour you can get. The pillow is made out of satin, its so silky smooth, stitched to perfection and a total pleasure to cuddle with. And looks really dressy and nice. A total princess kinda pillow if you know what i mean. Ofcourse a really beautiful pillow like this one needs some companions so i will get some more cute pillows to accompany her.. maybe those huge flower pillows. Those are definitely real cute.. what do you think? Let me know below!

Shopping Spots:

Polka Dot Pillow Covers - Carrefour
Red Bed sheet - Carrefour
Hot Pink Satin Ruffle Pillow - AmoreBeaute
Little Cheeky Monkey - A gift from a friend

You can also shop AmoreBeaute on:

Amazon HERE and HERE

So hope you liked my Home Deco post this week and now we can happily move onto our Winner for today!

Winner of the Learning Minds giveaway - Shanneene Symons

Congrats to the lucky winner and please make sure you MESSAGE me TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE USING YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE THAT I HAVE TAGGED ABOVE - Give me your full address and contact number within 48 hours to claim your prizes.

This giveaway is open for redraw so in case the above winner DOES NOT RESPOND IN TIME - i will be choosing a new winner. All you got to do is comment below telling me how you add a POP OF PINK TO YOUR ROOM AND ALSO WHERE YOU LIVE.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Light Year [A Transfer Nightmare?!]

I know everybody has already reviewed this product and its all over the internet.. so i thought of letting it go BUT looks like my thoughts are kinda not so like the rest of the bloggers.. isnt that weird?! Is it just ME?

I got this free in an offer at the Rimmel Counter at City Lifestyle. You can check out my HAUL POST HERE. The product looks really pretty.. the packaging is lovely. Travel friendly.. bla bla bla you know all the good stuff already dont ya! 

Its such a pretty pretty shade! Would suit all skin tones! Anyways instead of writing loads of stuff i thought of just getting to the point. (i can see your relief LOL yes i hear you!)

The YAY stuff are..

They got a lovely range of shades! You will definitely find many colours that might totally suit your skintone

The texture is amazing.. its creamy and glides on so well. There is no need of lip gloss on top as this is more like a 2 in 1. Lipstick+ Lipgloss

Pigmentation is amazing. Covers up dark lips well

Not pricey at all

The NOT SO YAY stuff are..


If you're not careful you can get this all over your teeth. Which means you need to carry your pocket mirror at all times and keep an eye on your teeth. Will give you an anxiety attack. Well atleast it might give me one. LOL OK THATS ABSURD! JUST KIDDING! BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

The scent just makes me want to kill somebody! Yes its my nose and my brains. The scent region of my brain is quite unique and it HATES THIS SCENT. I can not tolerate it. 


It is totally unfortunate but its true. There is one fellow human being that didnt like this product as much as everyone else did. And no! I am not being a drama queen! I really wanted to love this one but i guess its just not for me. So ladies! I do not mean to scare you away.. this product is well loved by so many ladies but make sure you kinda sniff sniff before you buy this.. also please give me your ideas on how to make this product NOT TRANSFER. Im sure you all have already mastered that one! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Romwe: Boyfriend Woolen Coats! Sale and a Giveaway!

Well we all do this dont we?! Wear our husbands clothes and walk around. Its so comfortable and well i feel its a warm feeling of closeness and YES looks like its become quite a trend these days! What do you think?

"The origin of boyfriend fashion is literally borrowing and wearing a boyfriend's clothes—his distressed jeans, his band tees, his dress shirts, his blazers, his cardigan. When Katie Holmes was spotted in public wearing Tom Cruise's slouchy jeans after a Broadway rehearsal in 2009. Boyfriend become more and more popular. And with winter knocking on the door, boyfriend coat must be the best choice"

Today I want show you this style which comes from Romwe, I love it so much, black leather and woolen coat. With quilted print, zipped, mao collar design, this coat makes me feel warm. Fashionable and give a total retro feeling! 

It goes so well with leggings, jeans and yes faux leather pants too! Amazing isnt it! Guess i need to get one for myself real soon. 

Also a great news is Romwe is having this amazing giveaway where you can win cash coupons for different amounts and one of you can win this coat for FREE! Check out this amazing giveaway HERE!

Best of Luck!


One of the most amazing things about having babies is that you get to re live your childhood days.. you get to buy toys and play! You go into this fabulous world of colours and animals and WOW its truly such an adventure. Its one of those lovely moments and perks of parenthood.. dont you think? And have you ever felt so excited to buy your baby a toy.. i mean more excited than he is? Haha! Is it just me? I dont know.. sometimes i feel as though im too excited for my own good. LOL. 

This cute little puzzle is what i got from Little Wooden Wonders. Its simple, looks clean and nice and yes it is wooden. I love wooden toys for my little one. Mr. Baby is 2 years old and loves to throw things around, break them, bite off bits and pieces out of everything he sees. Well NOT EVERYTHING but you know what i mean.. you will definitely know if you have a toddler.. especially a little boy. They are a handful. So definitely wooden toys are a great choice. He cant break them off so easier and biting doesnt really do much. Ha! Thats such a relief! Anyways this little toy was a hit from the very beginning. Ofcourse one reason is that this is his first elephant puzzle and also because of the little baby elephant.. he's such a cutie! 

As you can see the pieces are clean cut and nice. This is handmade! I love handmade toys! They are always something special and totally uniquw. The pieces come together easier without a struggle but i must admit that your toddler will not be able to get it right the first time.. which is ofcourse a great thing because it gives him the chance to think a little hard (not too hard) and try it a couple of times before he completes it. Toddlers always love a challenge so this is ideal for your little Einstein. 

If you are wondering if your toddler will like these type of puzzles.. trust me they just love it! They love the challenges! Its something you and your little one can play with together.. let him figure it out.. you can help him a little and yes give a huge loud clap when he gets it right! If you are worried about choking hazard - you can see the pieces of the puzzle are rather big.. the only piece that is a little smaller in size is the little baby elephant.. which is not big enough to be swallow BUT i know how worried we moms are so its always a good idea to let your baby play under your supervision. Ofcourse what should be the case with any toy until they grow a bigger older. Always keep an eye on them while they play and stay somewhere close by so you can run to them if they need you.

So that was my little review of Mr. Baby's latest toy! Hope you liked it!If you want to win one of these cute puzzles all you got to do is enter the giveaway. Its open worldwide so anyone anywhere in the world can enter for a chance to win.

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