Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nivea Pure and Natural Hand Cream for Dry Hands

Yes its another hand cream review.. its something i buy all the time.. i finish up hand creams like chewing gum. You know what i mean. 

Sometimes i am so bored of buying stuff myself that i tell my husband to pick up skincare products for me. LOL! Not the best idea but i like a surprise.. so this is one product i bought that way. I told my husband to pick up a hand cream from the supermarket and YES he came home holding this. LOL. 

I have seen this range being reviewed alot on the internet.. its their 95% natural origin range. I have seen the skincare products reviewed  but never the hand cream so i was super existed. It has argan oil and is FREE from PARABENS, SILICONES, COLORANTS AND MINERAL OILS. Which is pretty amazing dont you think?


Nivea always has a fresh scent! So fresh and lovable! Im not sure what it smells off but its lovely! 


The texture is somewhat thick.. not too thick but not lotion like or light. Its thick and needs to be massaged them into the hands so it can absorb well.


The most important thing is - Does it work? Well it moisturizes the hands well. Its not the BEST moisturizer in the world but it gives adequate moisture for NORMAL HANDS. If you got normal hands and need something pleasantly scented to lather on - YES it would be something you might like to try. Its cheap and 95% natural BUT if you got dry hands or problematic hands that need special care then this will be pretty useless in that case. It wouldnt treat or heal. It would just help maintain.. hope you understand what i mean.


  1. Yeah..i understood what u mean..;) nice feview

  2. I m a real fan of the nivea brand, I use their products since the famous little bue metal box....since my childhood!
    Have a nice day!

  3. Since my childhood My parents brought Nivea Products, I & My family really fan of Nivea Brand.

  4. I am very thankful to you, Plz send me Nivea samples.

  5. Nice honest review, I have dry hand think it wont do any wonders for me.

    1. Yes you should try soap and glory hand food or the body shop hemp protector.. they are awesome for dry hands!


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