Tuesday, November 5, 2013

[NEW HAIRCARE ROUTINE ALERT AND A WINNER] Spa Ceylon Ayurveda Aloe Vera Watergrass Hair Range

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a picture of these lovelies! These are some of the products that i am going to be using for the next couple of months. I am trying to figure out a total NEW HAIRCARE routine. No more drugstore products till my hair fall situation is brought under control. Its going to be more natural ingredients, chemical free and ofcourse more DIY masks and other stuff. I will be updating my routine as it grows and improves so please do share your haircare tips below and please recommend products that you think would be suitable for my Hair Routine. The products i have here have been sent by the company for trying out. I wouldnt really need to worry so much about them as its not like i am trying out a new brand and i am paranoid or anything.. if you read my blog often then you will know i LOVE YES LOVE this brand so much. They are paraben free, cruelty free, free from animal bits and pieces and made out of natural ingredients. Its all good. So totally hoping these products work for me. And yes this is what i have here:

Aloe Vera Watergrass Aromaveda Scalp Massage Oil
Aloe Vera Watergrass Aromaveda Hair Conditioner
Aloe Vera Watergrass Aromaveda Hair Nourishing Balm
Aloe Vera Watergrass Hair Oil Mist

Well yes! That looks like a bunch of interesting products yeah. And you know what - it smells soo GOOD! I have just started using them and i love the scent! My reviews will be up as soon as i can. I will give them sometime so i can totally understand the products and all that. You know what i mean. Also i am wondering if you could suggest a SLS and PARABEN FREE shampoo that i can use along with these. Please leave your comments below.


Congrats to the lucky winner and please make sure you MESSAGE me TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE USING YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE THAT I HAVE TAGGED ABOVE - Give me your full address and contact number within 48 hours to claim your prizes.

This giveaway is open for redraw so in case the above winner DOES NOT RESPOND IN TIME - i will be choosing a new winner. All you got to do is comment below giving me a suggestion of a good shampoo for hair fall and tell me WHERE YOU LIVE.


  1. I like nexxus humectrus. I live in Tennessee :-)

    1. Havent heard of the brand.. but will do some research! Thank you <3

  2. I like nexxus humectrus. I live in Tennessee :-)

  3. I use garnier frutiess. I live in tar heel north carolina usa

  4. Wow! I am loving these green bottles! They are so cute dear.... :)

  5. Clear anti hair fall shampoo. i live in mumbai

  6. Hiya hun :)
    This looks like a nice haul! I've never tried this brand though, looking forward to your review later on!
    For hair fall I would seriously recommend NIOXIN.
    I have such great experiences with it, both personally and with my clients (I work as a hairdresser you know:)

    It's been on the market in the US for at least 20 years and we got it in Norway about a year ago and I promise after I started using it I stopped loosing as much hair as I used too.
    My hair felt fuller and I could actually brush my hair or slide my fingers through my hair without having it covered in hair after...
    Also I both used it on my clients in the salon and I sold them the products and almost every one of them came back and said they were satisfied :)
    There's a shampoo, a conditioner and a foam/spray.
    You can get a sampler size package with these three products in it (big enough for 3-4 weeks use).
    You don't have to use it every single day or every single time you wash your hair to get it to work. But of course, preferably regularly ;) I experienced improvement after just a couple of weeks!
    OK, I'm gonna stop rambling on about this product, but seriously, if you suffer from hair loss, try it :) It's not too expensive either. I think it's owned by Wella. At least it's Wella that sell it to us where I work :)
    Good Luck !

    (and for the giveaway: I live in Norway ;)

    Lots of love! xx

  7. Actually I am not 100% sure, I didn't think so, but it might be different with the different type of shampoos they have!
    Im not completely sure on the scalp revitalizing series.
    I found this link, some of the ingredients, you can check if you want :)


  8. I think some of Pureology's shampoos don't contain parabens! I know some of them do, but not all..(not 100% sure) And I think they're supposed to be Vegan and sulfate free too :) x

  9. Buuut I know NISIM has paraben free shampoos :)) x

  10. Aaahhaha OK now I'm confused :) Did you ask if the Loreal cleansing water had parabens perhaps?
    Or did you mean the Nioxin Shampoo? hehe :)
    Well, if you wondered about Loreal I can tell you I just scanned it with my iphone (i have this paraben app on it) and it told me it was free from parabens :) It was worse with my Aussie conditioner :((

  11. Pantene restauracion, i'm from Portugal

  12. Matrix Biolage Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo its a great shampoo, with good lather, nice fresh smell, and ultra-hydrating benefits. I live in Waterbury CT. :)


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