Thursday, November 6, 2014

Skinfood Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher in No.4

Im not a kind of person who has a truck load of makeup and doesnt know which one to choose. Well im the kind of person who Owns maybe around 5 Blushes and keeps using 1 of them every single time until loop loop i get bored. So what kind of person i am? You tell me. LOL! 

So this is the blush i have Been using for the past couple of weeks and im totally loving it. LOVING IT! Its so beautiful. The color and the texture is absolutely gorgeous. Smells like roses - Not the annoying kind but the more Calming. . lovely .. romantic kind.

Its like a peach / coral / whatever colour - well i dont know. It looks peach to me. Its so pretty and would look lovely on all skin tones i guess. Its a really creamy soft formula that blends really well and looks natural on your skin. The colour comes on pretty light so you can build up if you want a more bolder flush of colour.

So that is the colour. Isnt it gorgeous?! Well the only downside is that if you have really really dry skin you got to moisturize really well before you put it on so you can get a good finish. Other than that i am totally loving it and using it all the time. And i will do so until i find another new favourite colour. 

So ..

I LOVE IT! Hahaha .. 

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