Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekend Giveaway: A Bunch of Prizes and a Favor!

As usual i am going to find some new winners for all the unclaimed prizes of last week! Winners will be announced on Monday morning so please be sure to enter below to be a part of the lucky draw.

Mandatory Rules:

1. Like all these sponsors - 

2. Comment below telling me where you currently live. Please tell me your country

3. Comment on another blog post of your choice

4. Help me win this contest. Click HERE to join!

Hello Kitty Soap from Naturally So Young

This was like one of those soaps that i so didnt want to use up.. it was like Hello Kitty was always crying out  to me saying 'no no!!' It was just too cute to be used up.. but it was too nice to not use too! Mixed feelings.. *winks


Smells so sweet and girly just like strawberry jello! I think it smells exactly how Hello Kitty should smell you know! Super girly.. soft and SWEET AS EVER. 


Lathers really well.. you can see from the picture itself. Cleans well too.. doesnt dry out my skin. 


You can see how cute the soap is! Hello Kitty lovers should definitely try this out! Its so cute! Perfect for gifts! You can give this soap to little girls to brighten up their shower times.. TOTALLY LOVE IT!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Giveaway Alert: Win Coloring Books Daily and a Kiddies Laptop for the Top Winner!

I just entered this amazing giveaway! Really excited to try and win this for Mr. Baby! Thought you might like to have a look at it too and ENTER TO WIN A CUTEY KIDDIES LAPTOP FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Giveaway: Pillow Fights!

Enter this giveaway to win a beautiful Moth Lady Pillow from Carousel Ink! Fill in the rafflecopter and STAY PRETTY!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway: A Rather Fishy Affair!

A Really Beautiful Fish Necklace from Aashir's for one of you! To Enter the Lucky Draw - Fill in the rafflecopter and Stay PRETTY!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hello Everybody Nature Holic Body Lotion - Milk

No matter how many body butters we stock up on.. we do need some light lotions for those sweaty hot days. Here is one i am using at the moment.. a really light body lotion. Most suitable for day time use if you got normal skin. 


Smells like BABY SOAP! Yes its exactly like baby soap so if you are a fan of baby products you need to try this out! Really light scented and calming. Scent lasts a long long time.. almost the whole day.

Texture & Moisturization:

A light lotion good for normal skin. Works best for day time use if you want something light and not too heavy. If you got dry skin then it wouldnt provide enough moisture for you. Try this during the hot hot summers.


A paraben free basic body lotion most suitable for those who want to smell like cute little babies! hehe! and yes a bit of moisture and alot of babyNESS!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Some Interesting Pieces on Sale on and Winners of the Week! always has these wonderful offers and sales! Its really tempting sometimes and kinda risky to go in there lol. Anyways these are some of the items on sale for now and i thought you might like to have a look! Well, there are loads of items so i just wanted to show you what i liked.








These are like some stuff that i liked and would love to buy though i will not be doing any purchases at the moment since i did buy a dress from them last week. Reviews on that will be posted soon. Anyways i had always wanted to ask you - have you shopped from this online store before? How was your experience? Let me know BELOW!
  Anyways if you want to have a look at all the items on sale for today. Click HERE.

  Lets move onto our Winners of the Week

A World of Perfumes - Amber Allee
Gorgeous Hair all YEAR long - Emma Lowe
 Robe your Wardrobe - Farida Mufaddal
 I Love... Giveaways! - Beverlie Stratton(prize 1), Patty Braz(prize 2) and Lorna England (prize 3)
Spicy Pear It Is! - Trillina Palemi
Handmade Love! - NadeeShani Mulleriyawa
Clothespin - Zaara Khan
Congrats to the winners and please make sure you email me to within 48 hours to claim your prizes or i will choose new winners!
All those who didnt win - You can enter the ongoing giveaway and try your luck! Click HERE! 

Friday, November 23, 2012


YAY! A super exciting giveaway with a bunch of lovely goodies from Two Crafty Unicorns! Since loads of my readers were complaining that they were not lucky with the rafflecopter and they wanted a contest where they can try to win. I decided to have a TAG AND WIN CONTEST! Yes! So all you got to do is - fill in the rafflecopter below and once done. Go to my giveaway picture HERE and tag all your friends. 



* dont tag the same person again and again.. i will check and you will be disqualifed.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Babies are the cutest little fellows yeah and baby gifts are the most fun stuff ever! Here i got a Gift Certificate worth $40 from for one of you!

So why wait? Fill in the rafflecopter and stay PRETTY!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, November 19, 2012

Giveaway: Stitch me a Wish!

Win this pretty Felt Food Bakery Set from Stitch Me a Wish! Fill in the rafflecopter and STAY PRETTY!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lovely Vintage Necklaces from Adhirai And The List of Winners

I got some exciting news for you girls! Pink Clouds is now affiliated with Adhirai which means all those who shop from me will be able to get discounts, special offers and super giveaways! Isnt that amazing? YaY! So lets have a look at some of their lovely pieces from their Vintage Collection.

18592 490243240996882 1226497036 n

531098 490243120996894 1935578071 n

10450 490243250996881 958705773 n

189616 490243167663556 1802352922 n

545401 490243147663558 1879506322 n

Dont you just love those beautiful pieces? Anyways if you are interested in shopping with them.. if you want to buy something from them.. make sure you send me a message on my Facebook or drop in an email to with your request. 

All those who shop from me will get the following ------>

A 5% discount on all purchases
A Further 5% discount on referral purchases i.e if a new customer refers your name while making a purchase, we will give you a discount of an additional 5% on your next order
Giveaways and more exciting contests

Lovely yeah? So lets get onto our list of winners of this week!

Chimes Giveaway - Sania Akbar
Gorgeous Hair all YEAR long - Katrina White
A Starry Night - Ameena Banu Ansari
A World of Perfumes - Juanita May
A Juicy Giveaway - Erin Kong 
Robe your Wardrobe - Sheranya Rush

Congrats to the winners and please make sure you email me to within 48 hours to claim your prizes or i will choose new winners!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Spa Ceylon Ayurveda Forest Trail - Discovery Set

Set contains --->

Forest Trail Hand & Body Lotion
Forest Trail Hair Conditioner
Forest Trail Bath & Shower gel
Forest Trail Soap   

You know how much i love Spa Sets.. especially ones from Spa Ceylon! They are so exotic looking and yes quite reasonablely priced too so i dont have to save up for months to get something and i always want to get something or the other for me and my family! haha! Anyways this was a set i bought a while ago. Check out my haul post to see the whole haul.

Most of you were asking me for pictures and why i didnt show you whats inside.. and all that. Well it was a surprise gift i got for Mr. Husband on his birthday so i didnt want him to know! Haha.. what if he reads my blog??! I dont think he does.. but you never know yeah.

You guessed right?! It IS a set for men! Yes especially for men. Its so handsome looking.. all black and really manly.. classy packaging. All black and a little elephant on each bottle. Soo cute! Its a really lovely set. I know most of you might think twice about getting a spa set for a guy but trust me.. this ones AMAZING. The scent is so fresh, a bit warm and very sporty. A perfect man's scent. There is nothing feminine about it.. smells so interesting and sexy. PERFECT FOR SPORTY MEN!! The highlight of this set is its scent. Once you open the box itself the scent just comes so fresh onto you and totally envelopes you.


Thats my most favorite item from the set! Its a soap shaped like a FAT elephant. The soap is HUGE!! and super fat! haha..  i think its perfect for a guys hands unlike my small hands.. i might find it a bit too huge to hold. The soap SMELLS SOOOOOO AMAZING AND STRONG. The whole set smells lovely because of the soap. Fresh and Cologney.

I wasnt able to try any products from the set because Mr. Husband is in Qatar and me in Sri Lanka. I had to ship it to him. So his review on this is -

Me: Did you like my gifts?

Him: Ofcourse i did! its your birthday gift.. how can i not like it and i was surprised.. i never thought you had sent me a gift and a looooong took me ages to read that and i know you will ask me to write a letter in return.. i wanted to talk to you about that you know how busy i am these days with the new project coming up but i will.. (hehe he's nervous that i am going to get on his case about still not writing me a love letter.. its pending for years now)

Me: haha.. no no i mean the spa set.. did you like it?

Him: YES! (totally relieved) Its awesome! Where did you get it?

Me: ok now you got to tell me your reviews on it.. for my blog post

Him: So your using me for testing??? *fakes being hurt


Him: OK MADAM PINK! The smell is good! VERY GOOD ACTUALLY. I love it.. but shower gel doesnt lather much na? and i didnt want to use the soap.. i want to keep it as remembrance. 


Not so helpful i know.. he thinks reviews are funny and everything is a hilarious joke. But then again - he loved it so much he is saving the soap. But i did notice a slight problem with this set. The combination was a little off.. i mean if i were to introduce some products to a guy.. i would start with the essentials so it would be shampoo first before conditioner. I noticed it only after i got home. i thought it was a bit weird to have a conditioner in the set and not a shampoo. Im not sure if these sets could be customised.. but if i can then i would definitely go in for a shampoo instead of a conditioner because knowing my husband.. he wouldnt really bother much with a conditioner unless i insist and keep reminding him.

Anyways the birthday gift was a super hit and i am looking forward to trying more spa sets very soon! So what do you think? Is this something you might want to try? or want to gift to someone?

On a more lighter note - are all husbands so lazy to write you love letters? haha.. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Look into Wishtrend and A Flash Giveaway!

Are a you natureholic? Paranoid about harmful chemicals? Looking for a huge range of natural skincare and makeup? OR well are you a lover of Korean cosmetics? Want to find out online stores that sell worldwide without any complications? You should should have a look at Wishtrend!

An amazing online store which has a really friendly and helpful customer service and ofcourse a yummy range of products to choose from. Totally love it! Their transactions are straight forward and their packages always arrive safe in the mail packed in a nice little box. All safe and sound.

Anyways if you want to know more about their products you can check out some of my reviews on products from their store. 

Hello Everybody Nature Holic Body Wash - Grapefruit

Hello Everybody Nature Holic Body Lotion - Grapefruit


Klairs Gentle Moist Aloe Gel


And yeah i got some more products that i am using at the moment.. reviews on them will be posted VERY SOON! 


So now lets go onto our Flash Giveaway! I got a couple of prizes that were not claimed by the winners so i will be choosing new winners through this post.




1.Like Trendy Sweet Art & Write on their wall telling Pink Clouds sent you!
3. Join Pink Clouds through GFC
4.Share this giveaway on your Facebook tagging Pink Clouds.
5.Comment below on this post telling me where you live, have you bought from Wishtrend before and if you have tell me whats your favorite products from their store. 

Best of Luck!


Giveaway: Name on Rice Cuteness!

A Cute Key Ring from Name on Rice Creations! The winner can have it customized! The color, the charm and the writing on the rice can be chosen by them. A really cute giveaway - Fill in the rafflecopter and STAY PRETTY!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, November 12, 2012

Green Cactus Soap Bar from the Sugar Shack

You know how i rotate my bath products.. i dont usually use the same soap or shower gel every day.. it kinda bores me out. But this soap smells soooooooooooooooooooo heavenly that i use it EVERYDAY! Yes everyday and sometimes twice a day just to enjoy its scent and the freshness it gives me. 


Smells of GRASS! A very clean, fresh and GREEN SCENT! FRESH AS EVER! Maybe it is suppose to smell of cactus but i am not familiar with cactus as a scent so for me.. it smells of FRESH GRASS! LOVE IT!! JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Lathers super well and cleanses well too. Doesnt dry out your skin or make it feel too washed out. 


I really dont know what else to say! I totally love this soap! My bathroom and my bedroom smells so fresh and amazing after i use it. The scent stays on my skin for an hour or two as well.. and i cant help sniffing my arms every now and then. Its a lovely soap! Must try for all soap lovers!!! You will not be disappointed. The only thing you got to have in mind is - It contains SLS so if that is a problem.. then you might want to skip it.

Giveaway: A Ray of Colors!

Win a Cutey Handbag Hanging from The Purple Sack! Fill in the rafflecopter and stay pretty!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wishlist from Coco Fashion and Some Winners for this week!

Just realised that you ladies were enjoying my weekly wishlist with a surprise winners of the week too! So i thought of making that a routine. Would be fun yeah and also would help you do a bit of shopping as well! 

So today will be SHOES AND MORE SHOES!! I do need to buy some new shoes.. and thought you might like to have a look at my wishlist too. I choose Coco Fashion for my wishlist because i saw some really love shoes.. summer colors and loads of designs. Their prices seem reasonable too. In case you are not aware of Coco Fashion - its this lovely online store which offers Korean Fashion at a good price. They got clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, lingerie etc. A huge rane of items to choose from and its super easy navigation too.

Anyways lets hop onto my favorites --->

Thats like a whole world of shoes!! SOOOOOO much to choose from! These are ofcourse some of my choices so you can go have a look at their site to see the rest! 

Lets move onto our Winners of the Week

Winners chosen from the Flash Giveaway:

A Yummy Giveaway - Sameera
Rainbow Giveaway - Maddy Mohd

Others giveaways :

A World of Perfumes - Yue Rain
the Sugar Shack & Referral Contest - Nizzi Fatimah
Worldwide Winner of Referral Contest - Tia Alagi
A Juicy Giveaway - Janet Tiong
Robe your Wardrobe - Aaliyah Sajjad
Pink Clouds October Giveaway - Hnie Jua
A Butter Giveaway - Preeti Gupta
Citrus Showers - Yvette

Congrats to the winners and please make sure you email me to within 48 hours to claim your prizes or i will choose new winners!

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