Sunday, November 4, 2012

Natallia Lipstick from Just Pure Minerals

Every girl needs some pink in her life! There can never be too much pink yeah! I was always a bit reluctant to try out pink shades of lipstick but after my wedding day makeup i realised how much glow and happiness a pink can add to your face! Just be careful you choose the right shade of pink for your skin tone.

Now here you can see a real cute pale pink colored lipstick. Isnt it so girly??

Its a real light barbie doll like pink color! Suits most skin tones.. light and medium. Can be used as a light pink shade on your lips that comes on almost nude or can be made a little deeper by building on. 

My camera didnt really pick up the exact shade of pink but i can say it still looks super pink and girly!

Other factors:

Medium pigmented
Very moisturising
Stays on 1-2 hours
Has no taste
Smells of chocolate mint
Feels minty and cool on the lips
100% Vegan


A very girly pink! A must try for all you girly girls!


  1. the shade is awesome..loved it :)

  2. OMG..awesome lip swatch zathy...pretty shade

  3. The shade is gorgeously pink n girly, lovee it.

  4. sounds lovely n like the Smells of chocolate mint n
    Feels minty and cool on the lips.

  5. I like the shade, really pretty

  6. i like it a lot , the color is amazing!!

  7. wow !awesome shade of pink !!!

  8. It's cute but I'm not a fan of glossy lipstick, I love matte:)) But still, great review! :)

  9. OMG...
    It's really nice color....^^


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