Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Birthday Card I got made for Mr. Husband and A Lovely Giveaway!

Its a lovely rainy day yeah.. reminds me of all the rainy days in the past when Mr. Husband and I enjoy our hot home made soup + a nice movie! Nothing beats those low key evenings.. dont you think? I also remembered that i didnt tell you what i got for Mr. Husband on his birthday!!!!! After thinking and thinking and thinking.. i finally got him the Forest Trail - Discovery Set (which needs to be reviewed very soon) and also a gorgeous handmade card! Ofcourse i didnt make it myself.. i got it made by Reverberations By AJ!

Isnt it like super romantic?! I would usually go for a more girly kinda card but since we are really far away from each other and all that.. i thought he might appreciate a touch of romance! Do you guys like it too? Well its depends on your preferences ofcourse. Anyways its really a nice feeling to get a card custom made for your loved ones. Its more personal and closer to heart. 

Reverberations By AJ - is this lovely company that makes handmade cards for all occasions.. just tell them what you have in mind.. your ideas.. your thoughts and voila! They come up with so many different designs that they draw for you and you can choose which one you love. My card was made in just a couple of days and delivered to me. They hand delivered it.. it was all fast and really comfortable. Their customer service is amazing.. super friendly and flexible. All my discussions were done on the phone! So i didnt have to go meet them or set up a meeting etc. All the discussions were done on the phone and picture exchanging was done through the internet and finally the card was delivered home! 

Mr. Husband ofcourse loved the card and called it 'romantic haaaaaaaaa' haha! Thats his attempt on trying to make me blush! Anyways totally glad i did this and i can tell you im never going to one of those card shop to pick up a random card for my loved ones. I will have them all made specially for them.. makes it so much more worthwhile and also the best part is - they make only one card of every design which means noone else will ever be able to duplicate a card you made. So its unique and priceless.

To share my happiness, i was able to get them sponsor a lovely giveaway. So one of you will be able to get this cutey card ----------->

Isnt this like the cutest card ever? To win this lovely giveaway - fill in the rafflecopter and stay pretty!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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