Saturday, November 17, 2012

Spa Ceylon Ayurveda Forest Trail - Discovery Set

Set contains --->

Forest Trail Hand & Body Lotion
Forest Trail Hair Conditioner
Forest Trail Bath & Shower gel
Forest Trail Soap   

You know how much i love Spa Sets.. especially ones from Spa Ceylon! They are so exotic looking and yes quite reasonablely priced too so i dont have to save up for months to get something and i always want to get something or the other for me and my family! haha! Anyways this was a set i bought a while ago. Check out my haul post to see the whole haul.

Most of you were asking me for pictures and why i didnt show you whats inside.. and all that. Well it was a surprise gift i got for Mr. Husband on his birthday so i didnt want him to know! Haha.. what if he reads my blog??! I dont think he does.. but you never know yeah.

You guessed right?! It IS a set for men! Yes especially for men. Its so handsome looking.. all black and really manly.. classy packaging. All black and a little elephant on each bottle. Soo cute! Its a really lovely set. I know most of you might think twice about getting a spa set for a guy but trust me.. this ones AMAZING. The scent is so fresh, a bit warm and very sporty. A perfect man's scent. There is nothing feminine about it.. smells so interesting and sexy. PERFECT FOR SPORTY MEN!! The highlight of this set is its scent. Once you open the box itself the scent just comes so fresh onto you and totally envelopes you.


Thats my most favorite item from the set! Its a soap shaped like a FAT elephant. The soap is HUGE!! and super fat! haha..  i think its perfect for a guys hands unlike my small hands.. i might find it a bit too huge to hold. The soap SMELLS SOOOOOO AMAZING AND STRONG. The whole set smells lovely because of the soap. Fresh and Cologney.

I wasnt able to try any products from the set because Mr. Husband is in Qatar and me in Sri Lanka. I had to ship it to him. So his review on this is -

Me: Did you like my gifts?

Him: Ofcourse i did! its your birthday gift.. how can i not like it and i was surprised.. i never thought you had sent me a gift and a looooong took me ages to read that and i know you will ask me to write a letter in return.. i wanted to talk to you about that you know how busy i am these days with the new project coming up but i will.. (hehe he's nervous that i am going to get on his case about still not writing me a love letter.. its pending for years now)

Me: haha.. no no i mean the spa set.. did you like it?

Him: YES! (totally relieved) Its awesome! Where did you get it?

Me: ok now you got to tell me your reviews on it.. for my blog post

Him: So your using me for testing??? *fakes being hurt


Him: OK MADAM PINK! The smell is good! VERY GOOD ACTUALLY. I love it.. but shower gel doesnt lather much na? and i didnt want to use the soap.. i want to keep it as remembrance. 


Not so helpful i know.. he thinks reviews are funny and everything is a hilarious joke. But then again - he loved it so much he is saving the soap. But i did notice a slight problem with this set. The combination was a little off.. i mean if i were to introduce some products to a guy.. i would start with the essentials so it would be shampoo first before conditioner. I noticed it only after i got home. i thought it was a bit weird to have a conditioner in the set and not a shampoo. Im not sure if these sets could be customised.. but if i can then i would definitely go in for a shampoo instead of a conditioner because knowing my husband.. he wouldnt really bother much with a conditioner unless i insist and keep reminding him.

Anyways the birthday gift was a super hit and i am looking forward to trying more spa sets very soon! So what do you think? Is this something you might want to try? or want to gift to someone?

On a more lighter note - are all husbands so lazy to write you love letters? haha.. 


  1. I love your reviews! always so funny and fresh. Set looks so good and also husbands are lazy. Its their birth right.

  2. kinda funny and interesting review..:) did husbands likes spa sets as gifts!!!thanks for sharing your husbands thoughts on it, I always confuse about gifts for hubs and now I got an idea;)and YES Husbands are too lazy to either write or read love letters:P

    1. it was totally surprised and yes he loved it :) i have pics of him being totally surprised hehe i wanted to post it here but thought he might kill me :P so i didnt!

  3. Great review ZatZ :D
    Thank you for following my blog :))
    Following you back now!


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  5. it is so funny and hilarious. ^^


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