Monday, November 5, 2012

My Gorgeous Clutch from Aaliyah


This is the gorgeous clutch i bought from Aaliyah at the Pre-Ramadan Fair at BMICH in July. I got a couple of items for myself.. you can check out the haul post HERE. Not quite a huge haul but i did manage to get some lovely stuff.

Its a really beautiful orange and gold clutch.. very traditional indian type one. I wonder if it has a specific name.. im not familiar with it. All i can say is - looks really orangy goldish.. rich and perfect on a dressy night.. with your sarees.. shalwar kameez or even a lovely dress which might need an indian touch.

Has a narrow bit of space like an envelope clutch but its quite enough to hold your basic necessities. And you can slip in your camera too. I usually dont carry too much of stuff so this is perfect for me. Came with a price tag of LKR. 3000. A bit pricey i guess but worth it.

So what do you think of my clutch? Yay or Nay?


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