Friday, November 9, 2012

e.l.f Shimmer Gloss - Inspire

Finally got my hands on some lip glosses from e.l.f and i must say i am quite impressed! They arent like the best in the world but they are really good yeah! The colors.. pigmentation and staying power is good. And ofcourse they are reasonably priced so you can experiment with different colors and products.

20121106 224248

Thats a really pretty shade of pink! A very pink pink if you get what i mean. The shimmer is light and beautiful.. glitters like a jewel for the light. Perfect on your lips if you want something cute and girly! You can use this on top on a pink/nude lipstick for sexy pink lips or you can use it on naked lips if you want a more casual look. I would suggest this lip gloss on top on Natallia and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Other factors:

Medium pigmented
VERY VERY sticky
Stays on 1-2 hours
Has a slight sweet taste
No articial smell or after taste
Just the right amount of shimmer
Reasonably priced
No ingredients list so i dont know whats in it 


Loving this lipgloss and hoping to try more colors.. wish it was less sticky though! 



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