Friday, December 28, 2012

Green Tea and Lime Moisturizing Lotion from Seri Naturals

I have been waiting for this range for quite sometime now. Ever since i heard Seri Naturals is coming up with a Green Tea range.. i was like YAY! So excited to try it out. This is the first product that i am trying from their Green Tea range and lets see the details.


If you have used their products before especially their body lotions.. you will know that the scents smell almost raw.. as in REAL. This body lotion is a VERY VERY green scent.. it smells of real green tea. Not the artificial kind but the actual scent of green tea once it made in a pot and waiting to be served. Smells raw and green. There is a hint of lime too but its very subtle.. almost not identifiable. Smells rather strong and stays all day long.

Texture & Moisture:

This is a very light lotion.. gets absorbed super fast. Perfect for normal skin during the summer. Might not be helpful if you have dry skin. If you are looking for a super light body lotion.. this is ideal especially for traveling.


The benefits of Green Tea is a long long list... the highlight for skin would be that it acts as an anti aging element and perfect for those who are in their late 20's and starting to worry about aging and changes in skin. Its always best to start anti aging treatments as early as possible to make sure you can delay skin aging as much as you can. This is a light body lotion.. good for day time use. Filled with the goodness of green tea. The only thing i would ask you to keep in mind is its SCENT. Which is rather strong.. not feminine or sweet.. very jungle girl green. There are chances you might love it while some of you might not.

Advertise on Pink Clouds - Promotional Offers for January!

Hey Ladies! I think you know that Pink Clouds opened up for advertising early this year. After a year of blogging i realised i needed some funds to keep this going. Doing hauls and trying out new products isnt really easy on the pocket these days. hehe! Anyways just wanted to let you know that we got some offers during January for our sponsors. Check it out here.

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Tutti Frutti Hair Brush in Strawberry Shortcake from Denman Brush

Im one of those girls who dont brush their hair.. never had to.. or bothered to.. HEHE! Im serious! During college days i have passed semesters not owning a hairbrush.. my hair was so silky smooth and tangle free.. i never wanted to do anything to it. But those are yesterdays old story and now ---> its hair fall problems.. that and this.. i think im growing old. LOL!

I realised brushing my hair actually made it feel and look more healthy and also my scalp did need that little massage atleast 2 times a day. So here i am holding a hair brush! haha! I certainly surprised myself :P I was looking for a good quality hair brush.. and this one came in the mail just in time.

I know we dont take hair brushes that seriously.. but i realised using a good quality hair brush really makes a difference. This brush i got here is a professional hair brush from Denman. Its a D3 styling brush. These brushes are perfect for all hair lengths and hair types and can be used for blow drying, smoothing, shaping and polishing your hair. So its an all in one hair brush.

You can see the pins are white and looks really pretty. Clean and nice. I use this hair brush all the time.. it gives my hair a good good brush and makes it look shiny and glossy! I have straight jet black hair in nature so it adds shine and makes it look really healthy and feels so soft.

The Specialty of this Hair Brush:

I should have spoken about this at the beginning of this post but i wanted to keep the goodness till the end. Apart from doing its duty as a hair brush - this cuteness adds SOME SCENT TO YOUR HAIR AS WELL!! I know its really cute. The scent i got is Strawberry Shortcake.. its a mild sweet strawberry scent. When i say it adds scent.. it doesnt mean you feel all perfumed up.. feel like a basket of strawberries. Not at all.. as you brush your hair.. you get this lovely soft fragrance of strawberries around you. Its really soft and calm. Once you brush your hair.. just sniff it and you can feel a soft sweet smell of strawberries on your hair. Makes your hair smell good and feel so fresh (even on your super bad hair days!) Sniff your hairbrush and you can instantly feel the fresh sweet scent too. Its kinda funny because you will want to sniff your hairbrush all the time.. haha! I know noone usually does that. BUT TRUST ME - You would want to! All the time :)


Its a really good hairbrush.. does its duty super well.. adds some fragrance to your hair.. makes it look amazing and smell nice too. What else would you really want? Try these! And do let me know your thoughts. They come in a couple of scents so you can choose the scent that you love the most. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

My Gift Goodie Bag from Glitters n Sparkles!

Aaaaah finally i got some prize goodies! YAY! I did win a couple of giveaways but i never got my prizes.. sometimes never even got an email from the sponsors to tell me why the prize never came.. weird ha. Anyways Glitters n Sparkles were super nice to let me know through a message that i won (hehe i know i dont do that myself) and also sending my goodies wrapped up so well and posted fast. So lovelies.. these are the goodies!

My most favorite piece from the goodies! I love butterflies and bows so this is a perfect addition to my jewelry box!

I got a couple of cute necklaces. Very chic ones perfect for casual wear. You got to check out their Facebook page for more collections. They got loads of accessories at a reasonable price. The best part is - You can negotiate too! Isnt that amazing?! Just give them your best price and who knows they might just agree and give the item to you at the price you choose :-)

That is the cute LOVE necklace that i really wanted to buy myself! Thanks SO MUCH Glitters n Sparkles!

So those are my goodies! They were all picked by the sponsor themselves and a total surprise! A fantastic surprise filled with some lovely goodies. Hope you enjoyed my prize winning and do check out some of my giveaways and enter them now.


Win a cutey pair of earrings from Three Roses Boutique! Fill in the rafflecopter and stay pretty!

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Interesting New Products on Wishtrend and Yes Some Lucky Winners!

So lovelies! Here i am with a list of some interesting products from Wishtrend! Have a look and do let me know if you have used any of them. I will give you a discount code at the end of this post which you can use if you're interested in shopping from Wishtrend. Happy Holidays and Have a Pink Day!


 Winners of the Week!

 Snowing Strawberries - Akis Champ
Baby Kisses - Evita Bak
A World of Perfumes - Asty Moet
Stitch Me a Wish - Meenakshi Kapur
I Love.. Giveaways - Kim Winter & Katie Skeoch
Buckets of Gifts (India only) - Hema Thakur, Bidisha Banerjee & Prerika Arora
A Rather Fishy Affair (India only) - Preeti Gupta
Pillow Fights (USA & Canada only) - Carina Cruz

Congrats to the winners and please make sure you email me - tell me your full name, address and contact number to within 48 hours to claim your prizes. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Giveaway: Sexy Much?!

We are going to have a super fun contest YAY! Our sponsor Sweet Nothings wanted to host a fun giveaway for us here.. its easy and really sexy. All you got to do is - go hop onto Sweet Nothings and have a look at what you like to win. Share the picture of your favorite items! SHARE AND SHARE! We will choose a random winner and the winner will get one of the items that they shared! So you get what you like! Sounds fun? Share away!

Fill in the rafflecopter with your details and START SHARING!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Some Lovely Circle Lens from Pinky Paradise and A Couple of Lucky Winners!

Circle lens are becoming really so popular these days! So i thought you might like to have a look at some pretty lens from Pinky Paradise! And yes - I got a code for you too which i will write down at the end of this post so you will be able to enjoy it while shopping for some pretty lens. YAY!

Arent they so cute? 

Use the code: pinkcloudsz for special offers and mystery prizes with every order

Winners of the Week!

 Snowing Strawberries - Kathy Flanagan
Baby Kisses - Tara Cordray
A World of Perfumes - Tabitha Nicole
Stitch Me a Wish - Namita V Suri
I Love.. Giveaways - Hayley Rebecca Davies & Preethi Prasad K

Congrats to the winners and please make sure you email me - tell me your full name, address and contact number to within 48 hours to claim your prizes. 


 3 Lucky Winners will get a Gift Voucher worth INR. 100 each from Adhirai! To enter - fill in the rafflecopter and STAY PRETTY! Remember ladies - When you buy from Adhirai you can enjoy a 5% discount on purchases by merely mentioning Pink Clouds! So just tell them that 'Pink Clouds sent you'

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Giveaway: Rose Petals!

A jar that smells of a hundred roses! a rose infused salt scrub to bring your skin to a rose utopia!

Ingredients :: dead sea salt, organic rosehips oil, pure kukui nut oil, locally gathered beach rose petals, organic sandalwood powder and organic bulgarian rose essential oil . 

Note : not for women who are nursing or pregnant.

To win - enter your details into the rafflecopter and STAY PRETTY!

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Giveaway: Pink Ink Girl!

Pink as Ever! Win this pretty pink bag from The Purple Sack! Enter the rafflecopter below and Stay Pretty!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oasap Sale and a Long List of Lucky Winners!

Well lovelies i have been a little sick lately.. not the fever flu kinda sick. I had this case of suspected sciatica.. and had to rest.. turns out i am fine and nothing seems to be wrong. Just a little strain on my left leg area. So its been doctors and hospitals and pills! I hate that!! But with my hopes of traveling and going to Qatar to be with Mr. Husband.. i really couldn't risk becoming ill and not able to travel.. i went through the whole torture of treatment and now i am feeling a bit better. Thanks to God! ANYWAYS - i thought you would like to see the winners post.. its been awhile i know.. so sorry! And also i got a couple of lovely offers from Oasap for you to have a look at! Some amazing pieces at an amazing price.

Arent they like super cute? Which one did you love the most? Let me know below and now we move onto our winners!









Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Giveaway: All Over Me!

An amazing giveaway from Shizen! An all natural soothing balm for 5 of you! YES WE HAVE 5 LUCKY WINNERS!

SHIZEN Salve All Over Balm

Use this for your lips, sunburn and dry cuticles. The super awesome fact is - these are all natural i.e no minerals oils, no petroleum ingredients, no sulphates or parabens, no artificial fragrances or colours, and no testing on animals.

So want to win it? Fill in the rafflecopter and stay pretty!

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Skin & Lab Vitamin Cream Full Set

So i finally got my prize from Wishtrend! Yay so excited to try them out! And it was like really fast shipping from them! So soon i should say I got the whole set of vitamin creams from Skin & Lab. Looks really good and a full set of creams that has everything we need is a great idea. I havent used these so i wouldnt be able to comment on its effectiveness and all that now. Let me just give you a small idea about each of them. Since i dont need to use all of them.. i thought i will share it with my family.

Vitamin A Cream: For sagging, wrinkles and photoaging. Firming and wrinkle improvement.
Perfect for mom & dad.

Vitamin B Cream: For breakouts & redness. Controlling Skin Trouble and Sebum
Perfect for my brother

Vitamin C Cream: For pigmentation, photoaging & dark skin. Brightening and skin tone improvement
Perfect for me.

Vitamin E Cream: For dry skin & photoaging. Moisturizing and Anti-aging.
Perfect for me.

Vitamin K Cream: For sensitive skin & redness. Redness and Dark circles.
Perfect for all of us.

And yes you can mix and match the creams too! Have a look at this ------->

Well isnt that lovely?! A full set of creams catering like all our needs.. and more! So i will be trying these out for the next few weeks and reviews will follow up soon!


So what do you think of this set? Which cream is most interesting to you? Let me know. 


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