Friday, December 28, 2012

Green Tea and Lime Moisturizing Lotion from Seri Naturals

I have been waiting for this range for quite sometime now. Ever since i heard Seri Naturals is coming up with a Green Tea range.. i was like YAY! So excited to try it out. This is the first product that i am trying from their Green Tea range and lets see the details.


If you have used their products before especially their body lotions.. you will know that the scents smell almost raw.. as in REAL. This body lotion is a VERY VERY green scent.. it smells of real green tea. Not the artificial kind but the actual scent of green tea once it made in a pot and waiting to be served. Smells raw and green. There is a hint of lime too but its very subtle.. almost not identifiable. Smells rather strong and stays all day long.

Texture & Moisture:

This is a very light lotion.. gets absorbed super fast. Perfect for normal skin during the summer. Might not be helpful if you have dry skin. If you are looking for a super light body lotion.. this is ideal especially for traveling.


The benefits of Green Tea is a long long list... the highlight for skin would be that it acts as an anti aging element and perfect for those who are in their late 20's and starting to worry about aging and changes in skin. Its always best to start anti aging treatments as early as possible to make sure you can delay skin aging as much as you can. This is a light body lotion.. good for day time use. Filled with the goodness of green tea. The only thing i would ask you to keep in mind is its SCENT. Which is rather strong.. not feminine or sweet.. very jungle girl green. There are chances you might love it while some of you might not.


  1. I never use any product having green tea but this lotion sounds interesting <3.

  2. Green tea and limon? sounds like a good combination! ;)

  3. I adore the scent of Green Tea and also Citrus so a mix of the two certainly gets my vote :)

  4. This sounds like something I would really love! Green tea scent, even when it's grassy and unsweetened, is one of my favourites. Like the smell of fresh Japanese sencha tea, mmm! I'm a bit young to be worrying about aging yet, but I'm too tempted to use this anyway :D

  5. green tea is perfest for lots of uses!!!

  6. I'd like to try it... I already drink lots of green tea everyday, but haven't tried it in any other forms!

  7. This product sounds like the best!

  8. Green tea products are marvelous :)

  9. Very earthy scent...I 'd love to try it!!!
    FGC: Kalhmera Olh Mera


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