Monday, December 24, 2012

My Gift Goodie Bag from Glitters n Sparkles!

Aaaaah finally i got some prize goodies! YAY! I did win a couple of giveaways but i never got my prizes.. sometimes never even got an email from the sponsors to tell me why the prize never came.. weird ha. Anyways Glitters n Sparkles were super nice to let me know through a message that i won (hehe i know i dont do that myself) and also sending my goodies wrapped up so well and posted fast. So lovelies.. these are the goodies!

My most favorite piece from the goodies! I love butterflies and bows so this is a perfect addition to my jewelry box!

I got a couple of cute necklaces. Very chic ones perfect for casual wear. You got to check out their Facebook page for more collections. They got loads of accessories at a reasonable price. The best part is - You can negotiate too! Isnt that amazing?! Just give them your best price and who knows they might just agree and give the item to you at the price you choose :-)

That is the cute LOVE necklace that i really wanted to buy myself! Thanks SO MUCH Glitters n Sparkles!

So those are my goodies! They were all picked by the sponsor themselves and a total surprise! A fantastic surprise filled with some lovely goodies. Hope you enjoyed my prize winning and do check out some of my giveaways and enter them now.


  1. Hey cute goodies dear..congrats..merry christmas

  2. Seems like lots of things get lost in the mail these days, especially international mail--it is so inconvenient! Glad you got some prizes this time! :)

  3. Cute pieces.. Specially the flower necklace ..

  4. Wow! Lucky you! That's a cute necklace! <3 :)
    Following your blog now. Hoping you'll follow mine too :)


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