Monday, March 10, 2014

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in Sand 03

I needed a concealer.. ran into the makeup section at Carrefour.. picked this one up.. well i asked the lady there for the darkest shade available.. she says this is it and then, there i am paying for it. Apparently this is NOT the darkest shade from this range - not that i needed the DARKEST but for my medium complexion i definitely should have bought a shade darker. Anyways.. (do not EVER rush into a makeup counter to buy concealer/foundation unless you know your shade, trust me, and do not totally rely on others to recommend what suits you)

A really pretty and convenient twist up pen package. So super easy to use. Well you got to remember to always clean the tip using a clean tissue after use. Apart from that - this is clever packaging. 

So that is the EXACT SHADE of the concealer. And you can see my skin tone too. It comes on really creamy and easy to blend.. once blended it looks rather pink.. it has a pink tone with a highlighting effect.

Whats the deal:

As a concealer - can be used for under eye darkness and around nose to cover up redness. Provides medium coverage. 

If you got a little bit of dark circles going on, yes it is very handy. 

Panda eyes? Then nope.. not really. 
This maybe not be quite enough.

Covers up redness really well and adds a touch of brightness to the skin.

 Cover up dark spots? Nope not really.

As a highlighter - LOVE IT! Works well on the brow bone and also on the cheek bone area (whatever you call it, you know what i mean) Can be used as a highlighter and totally adds the instant brightness to your face without looking ashy, cakey or made up. Gives a real natural highlight. 


I do use it as an under eye concealer.. but i must admit this shade is not the best for me.. i think i should go a shade darker to get a better match. Though this is a decent concealer for your eye area i would recommend you try it for highlighting and trust me - you will love it! Its really beautiful and gives a natural illuminated look. For those no makeup days.. you can kinda use it lightly on your cheek bone area to get a bright and heathly looking face. A definite repurchase.. and will try a darker shade next time.

Shopping Spot:

Carrefour, Landmark QR 45


  1. Nice coverage shows after blending and bright shine make it more prominent. Nice review ♡

    1. Yeah sweets! it definitely is nice :) Thank you for stopping by!

  2. looks so powdery when u blend it....:(

    1. nah! it looks lovely on your face.. this shade is a bit too light for my skin tone.

  3. Nice review.....sounds amazing but yes you purchased a lighter shade......xoxoxo......^_^

  4. <3<3<3 nice review

  5. Nice review honey! It's bad that the shade is a bit dark <3

  6. Think it must be bought by ppl looking for highlighter n not concealer.


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