Monday, March 3, 2014

February Empties and Giveaway Winners!

So you are officially going to have a look at my beauty trash! Sounds pretty nasty Haaaaa! But i know you enjoy it :-) So do i! Lets dig in! 

Vaseline Total Moisture 2 in 1 Healthy Handwash:
I got a terrible problem with Handwashes and soaps .. they totally make my skin go super dry .. so instead of my usual Handwash i wanted to try this out Because it says it Washes off the germs and also Nourishes your skin. I like this one .. it did not dry out my skin, foams and Washes well, smells good. Like this one!

Nair Hair Removal Body Wax Strips in Lemon Fragrance:
This is like the one brand i have been using for awhile now. Does its job well .. Doesnt irritate my skin.  It says lemon fragrance .. i really dont see a big difference in the scents .. it Doesnt matter at all. An affordable product and is available pretty much everywhere. 

Dove Indulgent Nourishment Deep Care Complex Hand Cream with Shea Butter:

I have been using this alot. Repurchased it many times. Moistures well and is totally affordable and available in most supermarkets. Check out my full review HERE.

Spa Ceylon Ayurveda White Jasmine Nourishing Body Oil:

My favorite spa brand and also favorite white range! The scent of jasmine is not Overpowering or weird. I love how it Moisturises my skin and also makes it smell beautiful! Amazing stuff! Paraben free and free of animal ingredients. Love it!

L'Oreal Paris - Elvive Arginine Resist x3 Anti Hair Fall Shampoo:

Seriously. I do not want to talk about anti Hairfall Shampoos .. they never NEVER Work. Check out my full review HERE.

Nivea Pure and Natural Hand Cream for Dry Hands:

This is pretty cheap and also 95% natural and paraben free. All the good stuff. It works as a basic hand cream but if you got super dry hands Might you not love it. Its Okayish. Will not repurchase though. Check out my full reviews HERE.

Nivea Smooth Body Lotion for Dry Skin: 

I do like this one .. if you are looking for a basic moisturizer for your skin .. this is lovely. Check out my full reviews HERE.

Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Toner:
I loved this one!  TOTALLY! Feels so fresh! The scent is so fresh and light. Does alcohol but have never left my skin dry. It was so awesome. Loved it! 

Johnson's Baby Cologne in Lemon Fresh:
I have been using baby cologne as a deodorant for so many years. Im not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing but it has always worked amazing for me. This scent is light and fresh. Its summery! Stays on a bit. . not as strong as the other scents in their range. Its pleasant and light. Loved it!

Winner of the Romwe Hearts Blouse is ...

Isa Val

Congrats to the lucky winner. Please make sure you MESSAGE me within 48 hours TO MY Facebook page thru yours!


  1. Nice picks and congrats to the winner......xoxoxo....^_^

  2. The Nivea products are interesting and I lve the Johnson;s Baby wash.
    Congratulations to the winner!

  3. Johnson's Baby Cologne in Lemon Fresh sounds interesting. I haven't paid attention to that one, not sure of we get too!!
    But it wud be nice if i can get one for my kiddo...

  4. Nivea and Vaseline are my hot favorite brands. Love your picks ♡.

  5. lovely products!
    Congrats to the lucky winner!


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