Saturday, March 15, 2014

Soap & Glory Face Soap and Clarity - 3 in 1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash

I once told myself i wanted to try out and review every single product by Soap & Glory .. So i will not let my laziness come in between me and Soap & Glory! 

According to my instagram , i have been using this product for the past 17 ​​weeks. I keep trying it hoping for a good change of mind but some products are just too stubborn for their own good. LOL!

Scent & Texture:

Smells like soap! Really fresh soap with a splash of citrus and some mint. It doesnt say mint anywhere but i can smell it and feel it! Its so refreshing! Especially during the mornings.. use it in the shower and WOW! You are so awake! Love that.

Lathers well and cleanses well .. actually it cleanses a bit too well That it totally strips off all the moisture from my face and leaves it DRY AS EVER! It is so drying .. I need to moisturizing ASAP or else my face feels just like my living room wall .. seriously.

3 in 1 Daily Detox:

Purifies and cleanses skin? 
Yes a little too much for my liking

Effortlessly  removes Makeup? 
Face makeup yes .. dont ever take it near your eyes! Stings like crazy! Total horrible to the eye area! 

Gently exfoliates? 
Not really. The cute pink beads look really nice and feel nice too but they are too gentle and i dont see any exfoliation taking place

The good thing is that IT IS PARABEN FREE!

So ..

I wanted to love this! .. it feels so fresh and super minty and amazing while using it .. Especially in the shower. LOVE THAT FEELING! But it is soo drying that i just can not handle it .. its just too much. For combination skin like mine - it is a big NO! If you got super oily skin maybe it might be okay for you but i really wouldnt recommend  it to anyone.

The Chinese Citrus fruit sounds exotic but i really didnt see much of a brightening effect so i will have to finish this up and let it go. 


  1. Very nice review.. i have to dry soap and glory products Btw i alwys like your choice of products ;)

  2. It looks amazing....I think it's ok to use it during summers if it's too much drying...xoxoxo....^_^

    1. Summer also same story :-(

    2. i want to purchase these products please tell me how i am from pakistan

  3. Aww making skin too much dry is really bad . Nice review ♡

  4. i would like to buy your product please tell me the procedure.


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