Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nivea Water Lily & Oil Shower Gel

I have used Nivea shower gels when i was much younger and i remember loving them so much .. then i totally forgot all about them and started trying new brands and fragrances .. well here i am back to them again! 


An amazing fresh scent! Its so so awesome. Love it! So fresh and girly! It totally fills up my shower and makes the bathroom smell amazing. The scent doesnt really last though  it fades away. Anyways i still love it and enjoy my Nivea showers!


Lathers up really well. Usually I  use it with my Soap & Glory Super Exfoliating Scrub Gloves  and it works very well. Its a gel texture .. very runny and i kinda feel you need a little too much so for every shower and the bottle runs out really fast.

The only downside is that - the ingredients have stuff That i always try to avoid. SLS and parabens .. i really wish Nivea totally gets rid of these very soon .. it would be awesome to be Able to enjoy their products without feeling guilty.

Shopping Spot:

Al Meera QR 12

So ..

Apart from the SLS and parabens .. i totally LOVE this shower gel and will be looking into more drugstore bath products in the future! 


  1. Sounds amazing but now I avoid skincare products which contain parabens....In past I was not much aware of it.....lovely and honest review.....xoxoxo....^_^

  2. wow sounds great. I am looking forward to try out few fresh shower gels. :D nice review

  3. Seems lovely. Wish brands would stop using parabens and other baddies in their products.

  4. I love this one! Sounds good, will check out :) xo

  5. Hey Zatheela!
    I am using the same shower gel! Agree with you that although the fragrance is really good it doesnt stay... :(
    Let's talk about everything


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