Monday, March 31, 2014

Elf Studio Blush - Fushia Fusion

Bubble gum pink is not exactly my kinda color .. having medium skin tone, i dont experiment with pinks or light colors which i believe fair tones suit better .. right?  .. Whatever i saw it and thought omg PINK LOL! Sometimes you got to try stuff .. 

A really pretty pink colour .. its fresh and perfect for spring time .. would go so well with lovely floral dresses! Just a little on your cheeks and YAY! All set for the day.

Yes it has shimmer .. SILVER. So you got to be really careful how much you use. Try and add very little colour at a time and build it up. A little color to brighten up would be real cute but too much would make you look like a human disco ball. Not pleasant. Use a good blush brush and blend it well! 

So ..

I am definitely not a fan of shimmer blushes because i always over do it and end up looking crazy but this colour is so refreshing for this season and i see myself using it alot. I try to be real careful by adding very little colour at a time and get the look i want. Also i just skip the highlighter! A real cute pink shade you might want to try. Gets a little chalky but for the price .. this really is a good deal.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Vaseline Total Moisture Velvet Musk 24 hr Nourishing Lotion [Romwe New Winner Announced!]

I bought this winter .. During During a really cold and dry climate.  Well it says this product was VOTED NO.1 IN THE GULF in Year 2013 in the body moisturizer category. Sounds fab yeah?


Musk .. not the cheap weird musk scent .. but a nice subtle pleasant one. Stays on for a few hours maybe. Doesnt fill up the room but definitely is there on your skin for a while.


Not thick or runny. An in between texture .. really light and gets absorbed into the skin within seconds.

24 hr Nourishing Lotion?

Not for me. Unfortunately it just did not work for me at all. Winter or summer .. it just gets absorbed into my skin and disappears. There is no trace of lotion what so ever on my skin. I know its freaky! Loads of positive reviews on this one but it was totally a flop for me.


So ..

It didnt provide any moisture at all so i really will not go into the ingredients etc. Anyways the ingredients list is in Arabic so i dont know if it has parabens or not. But it Doesnt matter Because im just trying to finish it off somehow .. totally disappointed!

Have you tried this product?


 Deborah Tg

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yon-Ka Paris Lotion Yon-Ka Invigorating Mist

After i decided that i am going to try my best to avoid parabens and move onto completely paraben free products .. the journey has been all about researching, reading countless ingredients lists, wondering, getting frustrated, sometimes giving up but most times trying harder. 

I know it sounds really dramatic but just not having access to many options of natural skincare products can be rather stressful so i thought why not try more and write more .. i know there are loads of girls out there who are really interested in knowing more about natural skincare right?

What i have here is a toner mist, comes in a really gorgeous tall glass spray bottle type. Looks so luxurious and posh. Its a spa product so it has definitely that exotic look and feel to it.

You got to cleanse your face and spray with product on, massage it right into your skin. You dont need to wipe off the excess .. just let it sink in right.

Smells really natural but not in a heavy oily way .. its so so fresh .. totally refreshing and light. 

Its light, just like water. Water is the first item on the ingredients list so the product is amazingly light and fresh .. sinks into the skin so fast and makes skin feel really soft and moisturised.

So What the Big Deal?

The thing about spa/natural products, especially these really posh looking ones are that they are a little pricey you know and sometimes we just wonder - why do we have to pay so much for a toner? .. I mean you do need to think about that right.

99% Ingredients of natural origin
Paraben FREE
Alcohol FREE
Enriched with 5 essential oils

So you can see what im trying to tell you! This is like one of those amazing natural products that you can use without feeling guilty at all! Its completely free from weird ingredients, pretty straight forward and works so well.

So ..

I have been using this toner for around 4 weeks now. Its amazing how fresh it leaves my skin, makes it so moisturised and soft. My skin tends to get so dry these days because of the air conditioning and all that .. this totally makes the dryness go away. I love the spray type bottle which gives out just the right amount of product onto my face .. kinda feels like the slight drizzle of the rain. Trust me .. it is that fresh! Its a great way to start my skincare routine .. i spray a little product and massage it right in. Let it sit for a minute and then use my moisturizer. DONE. Doesnt make my skin greasy or heavy! LOVE IT! At Qr 155, i think you might wonder if its a little pricey for a toner but its a huge 200 ml spray on bottle - it would last quite a long time. I think i might be able to use it for around 6 months. Looking at how good it works and being 99% natural i think its totally worth paying a little more to add this into my skincare.

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Hope you liked the review! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Schwarzkopf Palette Intensive Colour Cream (5-68 Medium Chestnut) used on JET BLACK HAIR!

I'm no COLOUR EXPERT .. just a girl who wants to add some colors to her hair .. its been 3 years since my last time. Anyways just to be super clear on my 'hair situation' let me tell you this - I have colored my hair only 2 times before. Once at the saloon with the whole bleaching process and i Ended up with fire engine RED highlights! (It was actually pretty cool) and later 'a bunch of girls trying to color our hair incident' That went totally WRONG. So after 3 years and all that i have a full head of hair hair totally FRESH That has no color on them. You know what i mean. So i Decided to try something new .. picked this product up and dived right in. (Actually no, i did the allergy test and i suggest you do too! Always) 

I really dont know why i went in for a safe color .. i think i was a little nervous .. i didnt want to end up looking like a silly clown.

It came with a cream color tube, a bottle of developer and a pair of gloves. So you just got to take a bowl and squeeze in both the color and developer cream and mix it well. Apply it onto your hair and let it sit. I let the colour stay on my hair for the maximum time allowed ie 45 mins.


So after approximately 45 mins. Washed and dried - and then .. well nothing happened. There was NO COLOUR WHAT SO EVER. Mr I made.  Husband inspect my hair super well and his reactions were:

In normal day light: Did you really color your hair?
In room brighter light: Hmm .. well maybe i see something or maybe not
In sunlight: Oh yeah there is a slight shine kinda brown red something
Light at night: Seriously you need to get it done at a saloon

Then after 3 days and 3 washes .. there you see the picture and i think only now i can see SOMETHING or i dont know if my mind is tricking me .. but trust me without the flash i dont really see much.

So ..

As you can see well obviously there was no color at all .. i mean its pointless if you have to torture  keep asking someone to look really close and tell you if there is something anything .. LOL! So it was a flop really. BUT the good thing is that my hair did not feel dry or weird or damaged AT ALL which means that maybe i didnt cause too much damage to it .. my hair feels just the same as it did before colouring. Maybe because it has liquid keratin? Anyways the box says that it washes away in 28 washes so i will wait a little and try something different maybe? Ombre maybe? I dont know. 

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nivea Water Lily & Oil Shower Gel

I have used Nivea shower gels when i was much younger and i remember loving them so much .. then i totally forgot all about them and started trying new brands and fragrances .. well here i am back to them again! 


An amazing fresh scent! Its so so awesome. Love it! So fresh and girly! It totally fills up my shower and makes the bathroom smell amazing. The scent doesnt really last though  it fades away. Anyways i still love it and enjoy my Nivea showers!


Lathers up really well. Usually I  use it with my Soap & Glory Super Exfoliating Scrub Gloves  and it works very well. Its a gel texture .. very runny and i kinda feel you need a little too much so for every shower and the bottle runs out really fast.

The only downside is that - the ingredients have stuff That i always try to avoid. SLS and parabens .. i really wish Nivea totally gets rid of these very soon .. it would be awesome to be Able to enjoy their products without feeling guilty.

Shopping Spot:

Al Meera QR 12

So ..

Apart from the SLS and parabens .. i totally LOVE this shower gel and will be looking into more drugstore bath products in the future! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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