Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nivea Smooth Body Lotion for Dry Skin

Nivea is always on the shelves but i never really EVER thought i should try their products.. i have used them for years when i was young but for some reason kinda forgot about the brand over the years. Weird. Right? So this one was something picked up by Mr. Husband.. i just told him i needed  a drug store body lotion - i wanted him to surprise me with whatever you picked up and yes! This landed on my hands! Surely Mr. Husband loves Nivea. 

So its especially for dry skin. Has shea butter and alot stuff (that i dont really understand) which is meant to keep your skin totally moisturised. Nice. You can have a look yourself and let me know. HYDRA IQ? Well no idea but sounds pretty cool actually!


Not a surprise at all. Nivea products always smell sooooooo fresh and light! LOVE THEM! They smell clean, fresh, cologny, ocean like. Totally loving it. The scent stay on a bit.. not so long lasting but it doesnt matter because the scent makes the whole applying lotion onto your skin process a pleasant and freshening one. 


Its light and lotiony but not the 'pouring out' kinda light but not too heavy too. Can be massaged onto skin very easily. Glides on. Gets absorbed soon. You get this layer of moisture on your skin. The lotion doesnt get completely absorbed or disappear.


Feels slightly greasy. Moisturizes WELL. Makes your skin feel soft and smooth. You can definitely feel the instant softness on your skin. Good for dry skin during the day. I love it! Perfect during summer time definitely.. also during the fall.. it gives the right amount of moisture. The whole 24 hours thingy is ofcourse not something you will achieve by just using it whenever you remember. Apparently you got to keep using it religiously for days to treat your skin and make it soft and smooth. THATS TOO MUCH WORK FOR A LAZY GIRL WHO FORGETS TO MOISTURE. HAHA. Anyways the only problem i felt was that - the whole soft feeling lasts just about 2-3 hours at most and the cream needs to be reapplied. Well if you have the time to do that then yes definitely something you might want to try. Its reasonably priced and available pretty much anywhere everywhere so isnt that convenient?!




  1. My sisters loves this body lotion.

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