Wednesday, October 30, 2013

[Mail Day] My Haul from Romwe!

Oh how i love it when i  get my packages all together at once! Its like OMG! haha right. I ordered a bunch of stuff from Romwe and i have gotten some of them here. Thought you might like to see them. Hope you enjoy my haul.

Arent these brushes so cute! They got them in a few colours! I didnt want to get a pink one so i thought blue would be a pleasant change. What do you think?

Oh yes! They got the most amazing leggings and all the colours in the world! I got so many more on my wishlist and buying them one by one. 

I got this thing going on with crop tops at the moment! This is a total impulse buy and now i need to see how i can style this little cutie. Well who doesnt love pandas right. LOL.

Well thats my haul from Romwe. Definitely one of my most favourite online stores. They always got amazing offers and special discounts going on all the time. New designs all the time. Free shipping worldwide. Total fuss free shopping and a great customer service. Do check out their website if you are not familiar with them as yet.

ANYWAYS hope you liked my haul and do let me know if you have done any hauls lately. If you have posted a haul post on your blog please link it below. I JUST LOVE HAUL POSTS!! Dont you??!


  1. This is a nice haul. The stripes leggings looks good!

    1. Thank you! Those are pants and yes really pretty :)

  2. wow thats nice haul , i have the same stripes pants :)

  3. Wow..awesome haul..

    My recent one :

  4. Gorgeous picks everything is just so amazing ^_^


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