Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Motives Mineral Lipstick - Visionary

Well this is one lipstick that i have been using for awhile now. Perfect for light make up days.. almost a nude shade.. suitable for most skin tones. If you are shy of bold colours - this is a great choice. Its such a beautiful shade. Looks so different in the tube but comes on pretty on your lips. Stays on for a couple of hours. The staying power is good. The colour pay off is good. It provides medium pigmentation. 

My camera is having one of its stubborn days so the swatch is a little off BUT the shade is much prettier in reality and i think its not easy to capture it unless you got this hot shot camera. (WELL I NEED ONE AHHHHHHH!) Anyway i posted a video on my Instagram HERE. So maybe you will be able to get a better look at the swatch there. I dont know.. i just thought that would be fun. So go have a look. On second thoughts i think the picture above is more clear.. no idea. Let me know.

Hope you're having a Pink Thursday! I have posted a couple of fun giveaways below so do have a look and try your luck everybody!


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