Saturday, October 12, 2013

Soap and Glory SCRUB 'EM AND LEAVE 'EM Body Buff

I have been wanting to write this review from the very first time i tried this one.. i never really found the right time and finally here we are! This is a travel sized body buff. Well i assume body buff means a more milder scrub maybe? To use on a more regular basis.. Thats what i think but please let me know what it is in case im totally wrong. (im most likely am lol)

It has Babassu oil and Sea Salt. You can see the oil is totally separated from the scrubby bits and its just there floating about so i need to kinda stir it up everytime i want to use it. Not good. I mean i am lazy! Dont blame me! 


WOW! Yes thats the reaction! The product smells so damn GOOD! Its more like a lovely perfume. Not heavy or annoying but you know its just too good to be a scrub scent. No idea what it smells like.. fruits or vegetables or babassu oil?! No idea but its good and yes thats what matters! ITS so amazingly amazing. 

Thats like all salt and tiny tiny pink beads. No foaming or anything.. its just a plain scrub with huge salt grains. Do you call them grains? Ok crystals? Yeah huge crystals. And its OILY AS EVER! Its all oil in there.

The YAY Stuff:

No Animal Derived Ingredients
Smells like a happy dream

The NOT SO YAY Stuff:

It doesnt scrub. Period.
The crystals just totally fall off the skin


I wanted to like this. I WANTED TO. But i was totally totally disappointed. The salt just fell off the skin and didnt scrub at all. Wet skin or dry skin it was the same. I love the scent and once washed off my skin was smelling so good (for about 10 mins, the scent doesnt last long) and my skin was so soft and moisturised. The babassu oil moisturises so well and doesnt feel greasy at all.. but where is the scrubbing part? There is absolutely no scrubbing or buffing or whatever. I dont know if its just me or the product because EVERYBODY seems to love this product except me. Well anyways i think i will totally stop complaining and try another body scrub from Soap & Glory.. this one was like totally blah.

Shop at Boots for QR 15 
Pink Clouds for Rs. 900


  1. Oh what a shame :-( I had high hopes for this as well.

  2. omg..i want to buy this but now better skip this...
    great review dear

    my recent one :

  3. I am also using the exact smae buffer these days and i was very thrilled before reading your review :p too bad it didnt work out for you. I am actually loving this product. Yes, it does fall off the skin , try taking small amounts and rubbing over the skin, it works better that way. I loved my skin after using it and the smell is super awesome. The only reason I have now opted to buy their body mists. Havent got them yet so lets see how they turn out to be

  4. Thank you^^ You should def come to Norway one day :))
    I know the boots are to die for!
    Awe too bad the scrub didn't work out that well.. I feel that when a scrub has sea salt in it it doesn't scrub as well as for example sugar or rounder particles, if you know what I mean:) I guess it's because it is flakey and "flat"..;p xx

  5. It looks so good, shame it's not :D

  6. hearing very good thing about this brand but never got a chance to try them out

  7. its bad it didnt turned out good:(


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