Tuesday, October 8, 2013

[Closet Ideas and WINNERS POST] Aztec Prints and Layering Tank Tops Today!

Aztec prints are totally in right now - they are so beautiful and so dressy yet so simple. I dont know if that makes any sense really but i hope you know what im trying to say. HEHE! Anyways i bought this Aztec top from Romwe. You can see my haul post HERE. 

So its a beautiful top. Its pretty short in length even though im a petite person.. it comes up really short and its got this high low thing going on there if you can see and also you can see the sides are super short and open with wide slits. (Im not a fashion person and i dont know the technical words for these designs so if you know them please teach me, i'd love to learn) If i wear it alone ill end up looking like a super glamorous biker girl but thats not the look im looking for so i decided to make it more girl by layering a nice tank top.

Thats a tank top perfect for layering. Its super slim and long so it kinda peaks at the hem. Also a really low neckline that wouldnt come up over your top and look annoying. It looks so slim but it stretches out and hugs your body perfectly. Dont ever go for loose tank tops for layering its so uncomfortable and makes you look fat for no good reason.

This is my favourite clutch at the moment. Its a Monochrome Clutch with a Belt Loop from Chicnova. This is how it looks when its opened up and you can just fold it into 2 and slide your hands through the loop to hold it. Its simple and beautiful. And i went with a simple star ring.

This is what it looked like. All high low and girly. 
I think the layering did give a girly touch to the outfit. Dont you think?

Yes so thats what it looks like! Pretty simple and nice. Totally comfortable too. If you dont like it to be sleeveless or you want to get a little more trendy just add a cute little scarf around your neck and a short denim jacket and YAY! You're all set! Please ignore the slight creases - im totally paranoid ironing these clothes.. it totally freaks me out!

You can shop this outfit here:

Layering Tank Top from Odel
Jeans from Odel


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  1. Elena Rudaya
    queen-of-pain at yandex dot com

  2. Lovely closet ideas and Congratulations to the winner...
    I am in for the redraw :-D


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