Sunday, October 6, 2013

Spa Ceylon Ayurveda White Jasmine Facial Cleansing Balm

Makeup removal is like 'AH WHY THE HELL DID I USE MAKEUP TODAY' kinda feeling every time i have to do the whole routine. But the thought of leaving it overnight is another nightmare so i force my lazy self to the bathroom and yes - a girls got to do it yeah!

And yes i will start the whole 'i love Spa Ceylon' blabber again. AS ALWAYS. Yes i love this brand because they are paraben free, cruelty free and FREE FROM ANIMAL INGREDIENTS. I just cant imagine using products that have dead meat of i dont know what animals - the thought of how it died makes my heart sink. So i dont need to worry about all that stuff with this brand. And i do i do use some products that may have creepy stuff in them and that is only because i may have missed reading the ingredients list but i am more careful now so if you see any product i use that has weird stuff - PLEASE LET ME KNOW. 

Facial balm?

Yes it is a DEEP CLEANSER/MAKEUP REMOVER. Removes all makeup so easily and fast. Even the stubborn water proof stuff! YAY! Balm but WHY CALL IT A BALM? I think because its oil based and looks like balm? Well these spa products always have these exotic names i guess.


It looks like balm.. its oil based so its totally balmy and oily. Not thick.. its silky smooth and light but its all definitely TOTALLY OILY.

Using this is pretty straight forward. Just take a little product on your fingers and massage it all over your face. Try to focus a bit on areas where you need to break up and dissolve the makeup. Dont worry about getting them near your eyes - They dont sting. Its amazing stuff for eye makeup.. all my waterproof mascara and eyeliner comes off like a dream. Once you are ready to wash off the cleanser - Get some cotton pads and wipe your face well and then wash your face with warm water. But if you love the whole hot cloth cleansing thingy then you can wet your towel in warm water and wipe your face well. Works great both ways. Once all the makeup is off my face i use my regular face wash and cleanse my face again. (just because i want to be streaky clean). And Yes its all done!

Well Whats the Biggie?

I have heard loads of lovely stuff about this cleanser and thats why i wanted to try it out. But i also heard people say its too oily.. its so heavy etc. WELL it depends on what you want really. I am a girl who used to use OLIVE OIL FOR MAKEUP REMOVAL. Its healthy.. its works and its all good. BUT its oily, its HEAVY, it has this weird scent and when it gets into my eyes i feel my eyes are all blurry for hours and hours which is NOT GOOD. So an olive oil makeup removing girl loves this one. It is oily definitely.. its oil cleansing so it has to be oily but its not heavy or annoyingly annoying. The scent of Jasmine is prominent but not heavy enough to put me off. Its just a great luxurious deep cleanser which does its job well! And hey its not super expensive too! Affordable and lasts long. Only problem is - it expires in 6 months which is so soon and i dont know if i will be able to finish this up within that time. AHH!


I love it! Totally. Smells great. Cleanses amazing. Gives me this totally deep cleansed up mini facial night feeling. Which is great! My skin looks much healthy and glowy. Im not sure about whitening and all that but it definitely makes your face look more brighter. The only problem is if you are super lazy then you might feel the whole oil cleansing method is a bit of work and takes a bit of time so for your little makeup days you might want to use something that is more faster BUT for your 'i got makeup all over today' days this stuff is perfect and also gives you a mini deep cleansing facial with some interesting ingredients which are natural and safe. And totally makes you feel your makeup removal routine is not just cleansing but also treating which is sometimes the only reason i drag my lazy self to the bathroom. Well its all good YAY!

Check out Spa Ceylon Ayurveda on Facebook for daily updates and you can order from their website too. They ship worldwide.


  1. wow sounds like a great product. Nice review..

  2. looks nice product dear <3
    great review..

    my recent one :

  3. Never heard of face balm....thanks for intriducing new poduct..:)

  4. Hiii:) Haha I totally feel you! I have like seasonal addictions, it's so ridiculous, because I get them like every year at the exact same time almost. Fall - Pumpkin, Summer - Coconut etc etc :P and then I have this shopping probleeem.. but lets not talk about that haha!

    I would def try this balm just because it's cruelty free and free from any animal products. I love finding stuff that's cruelty free! It's so hard to be a make-up junkie and animal lover, because it's everywhere! I've decided to try little by little getting better at focusing on buying cruelty free, but you never know.
    In Norway we just got a new law that says it's forbidden to sell products with ingredients tested on animals, so that's ok, but the same brands still ship and sell products to for example China where it's ILLEGAL so sell products NOT tested on animals - hypocrisy much? Anyway, my point was I'm trying to buy more cruelty free, but I doubt I'll be able to stop completely buying stuff that's not cruelty free:(
    Btw thanks for advise, I'll check out your review on they mattifying powder :) xx

    1. Now more and more companies are coming up with cruelty free products so i think we can move onto that slowly.. it is difficult but its good trying our best right :)

  5. Some really useful slides here. I've been looking for something like this to help with a
    research piece I've been working on.


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