Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Smoothie - Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

I have used them before.. would have liked them.. i dont really remember because those were my days BEFORE beauty blogging and you dont really make it a point to remember this kinda stuff.. right? I picked this one up at Carrefour when i was grocery shopping. Costs QAR 7 which is quite cheap i guess. You can use this package for about 2-3 uses. Depending on how generous you are applying it.

Looks like toothpaste. Smells so fruity and awesome! Love the scent! Totally fruity and sweet. Apply a layer onto your face (after cleansing it) and let it sit for 10-15 mins. It dries pretty fast. And then WASH OFF. The instructions are pretty simple.

Does it work?

It totally cleans out your face! You feel it! You can see a great deal of difference just after the first use. The only problem is - it can be a little drying so its most suitable for oily skin. If you got combination skin you might be able to try it BUT its a big no for ladies with dry skin. 


I loved it! TOTALLY! It cleansed very well and my face felt so much cleaner. It was a bit drying so i will be using this as my 'one a month' facial cleansing treatment. Its made from natural ingredients and is PARABEN FREE. Amazing! I so want to try out other masks from this brand so please let me know your favourites! This pack can be used for 2 full uses easily and it can be stored in a zip lock bag to store.. it doesnt go bad. I kept mine for 1 week before trying it on again and it was just as fresh!


  1. Sounds refreshing :) will try this one soon :)

  2. My My i love fruity smells....This wud be heaven !

  3. I love MJ masks!! I have the self warming one. It is very relaxing..!!

  4. Sounds nice. Would ideally prefer a tube with a cap or something that can be closed easily.


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