Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[Closet Ideas and Winners] Come Read by the Pool Side!

WOW! Its been a while since i wrote a blog post.. i have been super busy and not had enough time to sit down for a couple of minutes. So sorry about the delay in posting the winners. FINALLY here i am. Anyways NO i do not have a pool at home nor do i have time to relax with a book at the moment but this is what i want to do the most right now since the climate is changing slowly and its going to become all cold and gloomy very soon.. i think this is the right time to enjoy the sun and yes a nice swim. (ACTUALLY swimming scares the hell outta me but if you are a swimmer this is for you!) I am totally having this DROWNING IN THE WATER PHOBIA THINGY. 

Its such a crappy photo day! See the difference in the pictures! AAH! Anyways its a cute teal top i got a from Now Clothing a couple of years ago. Its oversized and really comfortable to wear. Totally not photo friendly as you can see.. its all over the place but its a really girly cute top. 

A new favourite of mine. This pair of shorts look WAY TOO BIG but its only how it looks because it fits me perfect and is comfortable. I love the colours - it has a total beach vibe to it. 

I have been trying to get a hold of this book for so long now but finally just gave in and ordered it from Amazon awhile ago. Its pricey with shipping and all that BUT Amazon packages reach me in less than a week so despite the heavy shipping i still love to shop from the site! 

HELLO KITTY! My husband bought this for me and i am like totally in LOVE with the packaging! ITS SO SUPER CUTE DONT YOU THINK? And yes you do need a sippy sippy while reading yeah?! So lets sippy sippy Hello Kitty!

A couple of accessories. I always like to keep it simple unless its a dressy occasion.

I can see the look on your face! Hahaha! MAKEUP? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Oh yeah i know i know BUT i wanted an excuse to bring this beautiful eye shadow up. Somewhere anywhere! Just add a little pop of colour on your lower lashes and YAY! You will look fresh and totally beautiful. REVIEWED HERE.

This is definitely one of my most favourite eye products at the moment. Actually im surprised its not all over the internet.. i have never seen a review on this before but trust me! ITS AMAZING! I will write about it pretty soon.

You can check out all the items below:

Teal Top from Now Clothing
Running Shorts from Chicnova
Hello Kitty Juice from Duheil Complex
Heart Hairclip from Lulu Hypermarket
Wing Ring from Sixth Avenue
Soap and Glory You Wont Believe Your Eyes

So now lets get onto the WINNERS OF THIS WEEK!

Marolsha Giveaway - Carrie Steele
Stylisda Giveaway - Renu Lalwani

Congrats to the lucky winners and please make sure you email me - Give me your full address and contact number to pinkcloudsz@hotmail.com within 48 hours to claim your prizes.

And the others who didnt win - Please keep smiling as we got more giveaways going on HERE and also if you want to add your name to the redraw for this giveaway (in case the winner does not respond) 
Comment below - 



  1. Ok.. Hope winner respond..
    In case they Dont..
    Then I am in for redraw.. Veena vinyas

  2. i WIsH wInNeRs DOnT rEsPoNd :-P .. I NEvA wOn FrOm PInK cLoUd .. I WAnNa WIn PLz <3

  3. Loved the accessories n eye shadow.wud love the giveaway.pls add me in redraw if the winners dont respond :-)


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