Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rose with Milk Moisturizing Body Lotion from Seri Naturals

Been really so busy past few days.. doing a bunch of silly things and writing up loads of posts which are scheduled to be posted next month. Anyways i got a few messages asking me to hurry up and write the review on this body lotion haha.. so all those who wanted this review - HERE WE ARE! I can get a bit lazy so its always lovely to be reminded so thank you Madam Rana for your threats! LOL


Raw Roses! Yes smells like real roses! Really romantic.. soft and beautiful. The scent wraps you up and stays for quite sometime. Dont over rub it into your skin because that changes the scent and you will feel as though you have crushed up a couple of rose petals. I know you are like WHAT?! But yes its true.. just rub it slightly into your skin and let it sink it. Either you want fresh roses or crushed up petals.. its upto you but i would go for very slight rubbing and nothing too heavy. You will not really understand this change of scent unless you try it so do grab a tube and try it for yourself.

Texture & Moisturization:

A super light lotion.. i think its perfect for oily skin but if you got normal or dry skin its not enough moisture. I have slightly dry skin so i feel the lotion doesnt provide enough moisture for me. I mainly use it for the smell. I just love love love the scent of roses and how it makes me feel so feminine and elegant. 

Will I Recommend?

A body lotion filled with roses.. FREE of chemicals! Who wouldnt want to try it? If you love roses and want the romantic scent wrapping you up.. you got to try this! Perfect for romantic dates.. especially at night. 


  1. ahhh... roses.... Loved the review..
    And the lotion sounds very very promising.... :)
    Definitely wanna try... i have nothing with roses yet... :P

  2. This sounds perfect. I really like rose scent <3

  3. hi dear... i m ur new follower :) really love ur blog nd the pink pink feeling it gives.... wonderful work u r doing... keep it up :)

  4. I'd love to try this. I like that it smells like real roses!!
    Sounds wonderful.



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