Friday, July 20, 2012

My Pink Bowknot Embellished Dots Printed Two Piece Night Dress Set from

Thats a really cutey set that i got from! I love collecting night dresses.. its something i always enjoy buying. has a huge range of night clothes so do have a look.. they got so many different designs and styles at a reasonable price! Its really hard to choose.

This is a 2 piece set - a top and a pair of boxer shorts. Really cute. Its a simple style nothing too complicated or lacy or too sexy :P 

Thats a medium size boxer shorts. I know it looks really huge but no its short and tiny. Comes on real cute. A little too short but i love it like that.

What Makes It So Cute? 

Its a pretty polka dot set. With a pink bow. Thats the highlight of the night dress. The bow adds a sense of girliness to it.

The little lace on the straps

Can you see the sides of the shorts? Makes it look like a skirt.

Thats my latest find in the comfortable girly night wear category. I did get some real cute baby dolls and Japanese Kimono sets. I will write about them very soon.

Things to Remember When Buying Online -


This is what it looks like on the website. It looks almost the same except the top is a little longer and the shorts are a bit shorter. So basically there are some differences. So i wanted to just give you some basic guidelines on shopping for lingerie/night clothes online.

1. The model and you are two different people with totally different body structures and sizes. DONT make a decision soley looking at the pictures. Have a look at the measurements and sizes very carefully and decide whether to buy it or not.

2. The colors may differ! No matter what camera they use.. their pictures will always look different from the real product so dont be disapointed if there is a slight change.

3. Some night clothes look real sexy/cute on the model but they arent really comfortable going to sleep in so unless you are going to be real adventurous dont buy something toooooo lacy or tooo small because you can never falll asleep in them.

Anyways those are just a very few things you should always remember when buying online. If you have suggestions of your own please tell me below.

So tell me what are you thoughts? Isnt it cute? Every girl MUST MUST have a pink dress in their night wear drawer. Do you have yours?


  1. i too have pinky pinky :D:D

    Do participate in d ongoing giveaway in my FB page:

  2. This looks so cute. I love the colour. :)

  3. omg..its soooo cute and pink...... looks adorable.....
    i have no pinks yet.... just a peach colored one... but that too 3/4 pants type..nothing sooo cute....
    A pink night dress definitely on my list now :) :) :)

  4. It looks so adorable :) I too agree a pink night dress is a must have for girls.

    I am a new blogger. Do check out my blog and I would love it if you share your views on the same :) Kindly spare a minute to add me on GFC. Your support would mean a lot :):) <3 <3

  5. nice post she look so pretty.

  6. Love the color and the polka dots wow i just love it...
    Cute night Dress


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