Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sleep Therapy Massage and Bath Oil from Spa Ceylon Ayurveda

A Lovely Rainy Day.. What comes into my mind is a nice warm massage and a good sleep! How lovely.. a nice spa day would be ideal yeah. Today i will tell you about my most favorite Massage & Bath Oil! Its from the Spa Ceylon Ayurveda Sleep Therapy Luxury Home Spa Set.

Did you miss out on that blog post? You should go have a look at all the goodies in that Spa Set. Awesome.

So whats so special about this oil? It comes from the Sleep Therapy Range which means its meant to calm down your senses and help you get some peaceful sleep. Its such a lovely concept definitely a must have for all of us to help us calm down and relax on a really stressful day. And ofcourse a special treat on a rainy day like today.


Scents are really tricky! My brains understands scents in a completely different way than yours. So this is my version of this product.

Essentials Oils - Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Orange, Lemon and Patchouli

The most dominant scent is Ylang Ylang.. its a heavy yet sweet fragrance. Gives you that soothing feel. Love it! Its super calming and relaxing. And it has a slight lavender scent too.. which i think is really low so it would be almost non existent to some people. If you're a lover of Ylang Ylang.. you will definitely love this!


A very very light oil.. doesnt feel greasy or oily. Gets absorbed real fast into your skin so no worries of getting clothes stained :-) Leaves skin super soft and smooth. 

Different Ways of Making Use of this Product:

1. Warm the oil slightly and ask someone to give you a massage! Its so calming and lovely! But ofcourse you got to get someone who isnt lazy to do this for you. 
2. Add some to your bath tub.. and have a relaxing soak in some warm water! WOW! Super calming.. and you will fall asleep right away so make sure you let someone know you're in the bath so they can wake you up! hehe! No kidding!

3. Use it as a moisturizer at night before bed. Its super moisturizing and makes you fall asleep like a baby.

My most favorite is ofcourse the soaking bath! Its such a treat! You should definitely try it.

Will I Recommend?

Go get yourself one of these! You will love it!!!!! Its a must try product! Its like bringing home Your Spa Treatments! How super awesome is that?!

If you want to know more information on these products just check out their website - Spa Ceylon Ayurveda.


  1. I wish i had a bath tub at home!! And congrats on your first 1000 followers!

  2. i had been waiting for this review for a long time ever since i read the main article abt the whole set <3...

    i am dying to try it out zathy!!

    1. Yeah you should definitely try it! :-)

  3. That sounds like one super-relaxing spa product! :)

  4. me tooo wish i had a bath tub... in this raniy climate it would be so awesome to soak urself in hot water with such amazing smelling bath oil

  5. seems like its a great product!

  6. i wish i had a bath tub too :/


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