Monday, July 30, 2012

Soap and Glory The Daily Smooth Body Lotion

If you are a girly girl and you love love pink then you got to check out these products from Soap & Glory! They got such cutey pink products. And as i told you before i am planning to try each and every item from their huge range and review them for you. Fun Yeah??!

This is a really huge pump bottle of 500ml body lotion. Looks really pretty and has quite interesting witty stuff written all over the bottle. A Must Read and Smile :-)


Hmm.. im not a great fan of the scent. ITS OKAY I GUESS. Nothing so interesting about it. 

Notes - bergamot, blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk

Smells a bit fruity and flowery. Not a strong scent its quite mild. What i dont like about it is - after a little while when the lotion sinks into the skin it becomes like a powedery scent which i dont like. More like an old lady smell i guess. You know how some lovely old ladies smell? Really grandma like and warm. Yeah so something like that.

Texture and Moisturization:

YES! Makes skin so soft and smooth and lets it stay that way for so long! Really moisturizing for normal and also great for dry skin. The texture is light and seems quite light though it is really rich in moisture.. absorbs into skin real soon. Doesnt make you feel heavy or doesnt sweat too much.

Will I Reccommend?

Love the moisture and the way my skin feels! Makes it super soft and smooth.. i really wish it had a better smell :-( I will definitely use it up but will look for something that has a more girly smell as this powdery stuff just isnt me! 

Are you in Sri Lanka and looking for Soap & Glory products? Interested in their body mists? Yes? Email me! I got some items for my blog sale this month. Its all new and waiting to be stolen by you!


  1. seems like a nice product..wont mind trying it out

    1. Maybe you should im curious to know your thoughts on the scent.

  2. I so like Soap and Glory products. :D

    1. hehe im still trying to find something i love from their range suggestions please?

  3. i dont like vanilla .. musk scent... so this is a no no for me....
    But the consistency of the lotion looks nice and thick...And the bottle is too chic :) :) :)

  4. wow..looks tempting...wana try...nice review

  5. hmm .. but the bottle is too cute *pinky* :P

  6. I always think that there us something absout Soap and Glory which just smells beautiful. I am a fan of the products, and love the Body Butter, and Clean on Me.... and Heel genius.... and Flirtigo....


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