Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Huge List of Winners!

Congrats to the winners and please make sure you email me to within 48 hours to claim your prizes or i will choose new winners!

Pink Clouds Top Fan of the Week!

Shruti Shetty

Pink Clouds A Day at the Beach Giveaway!


Pink Clouds Pearly Bird Giveaway!

Marta Vieira

Wishtrend Giveaway!


Hello Kitty Giveaway!

Joanne Newbould

House of Wonderland Giveaway! 

Javeria Hussain

I Wear My Style Giveaway!

Pooja Kopargaonkar

Terms & Conditions:
1. Contact Pink Clouds within 48 hours from now
2. Give 4 weeks for delivery of prizes
3. In case of delay in receiving the prizes contact us before the 6th week
4. Pink Clouds can not be held responsible for the loss of packages while in transit  or for customs etc.
5. Unliking Pink Clouds from any mode of Social Media after joining a giveaway will disqualify you from all future giveaways


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