Thursday, July 5, 2012

Japanese Lotus Perfume from One Love Bath and Beauty

Perfumes are really straight forward - Either you like it or Not! Nothing too complicated! I love trying new perfumes and trying to figure out its scent because sometimes its really tricky to write a review on a scent. I might love it while you might want to run away! So please do keep that in mind while reading this! hehe.. Anyways.. lets have a look at this cutey from One Love Bath and Beauty!

The bottle is so so cute.. a crystal ball with a butterfly lid! Its such a cute bottle! I fell in love with it at first sight. Who wouldnt?! The scent is Japanese Lotus.. honestly im not so sure of how real lotus smells like.. so i wouldnt be able to compare it.

Its not a spray type perfume.. its a perfume oil so it comes with a wand. Dip it in and apply it on your pulse points! The more the better.

Scent -

A super fresh light light scent! Its a mix of floral and fruits! A really SWEET scent.. and its kinda confusing my mind and i really cant decide if its flowery or fruity. All i can say is its a beautiful scent and makes you feel really fresh! Nothing too heavy.. its light and really lovely. Doesnt shout out that you got perfume on.. actually noone can smell it unless they come real close to you.

Lasting Power -

Well.. it doesnt seem to last that long.. it needs to be applied every now and then.. which is not a problem for me.  This is a day time scent.. can be used during the summer. An everyday perfume.. so i like that its really light.. doesnt wear you down.

Will I recommend?

The bottle is SUPER CUTE.. the scent is SUPER CUTE too! Love it soooooooooooo much! Only problem would be the lasting power.. it doesnt last that long.. but i have fallen in love with this one so i will apply it and re apply it without fussing! YAY! Try it! You might love it too!


  1. omg... the bottle is super duper cute :)
    and sweet smell is another plus point :)
    U'll be smelling of fruits and flowers whole day :P


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