Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Pretty Silverwine Warmer and White Sands Scentsy Bars from Scentsified Scents

I finally let myself into the lovely world and scents and candles! YAY! Im so glad i did.. and now its really hard to come out lol. All i want to do is try and keep trying all kind of scents and fragrances! Its super fun though!

The warmer i have here is called Silverwine. I got this from Scentsified Scents. Its really so pretty and has this antique look which perfectly suits my living room deco. If you have seen my living room you will definitely agree with me. (maybe i should a house round for you guys?) Its simple and very elegant.

Before i talk to you about the scentsy bar that i want to review today. I thought you might like to have a look at the warmer and how it works because i know some of us arent familiar with this gadget.

So this is the little thing that makes the bars melt. There is a bulb inside the warmer which heats up the dish on top and makes the bar melt. No smoke or fire. Its hassle free and safe.

Thats where you place the bars.. i have already used 2 of them and its melted and cooled down! And those are my fingertips trying to poke around. hehe!

Anyways really easy to use. Just place a few bars on the dish and switch the warmer on. The bar melts away slowly and making the scents flow into the room. Try to place the warmer in a spot where it has access to the whole room so you can get the room totally scented up in no time.                   

 White Sands Scentsy Bar

"Night-blooming jasmine softened by coconut milk and rice, enveloped in the gentlest breeze"

This scent is a really light warm scent.. its really really light not something that will flood the room and make it all heavy. If you are someone who likes something light it will definitely be right for you. Best used at night.. gives a lovely buttery fragrance.

Did i like it?


Its a lovely scent! I quite enjoyed it but i would love something a little more heavy than this because i felt it was too light and didnt reach out to the whole room as much. so i think i will keep trying more scents to find out what suits me the BEST. Maybe something fruity or breezy might be good. What do you think?

I have broken off 2 bars for my warmer and i think i can use it for a couple of times before i throw them out.

So have you used Scentsy Bars? Whats your favorite?
Please give me your suggestions below.

If you are interested in trying some scents yourself just check out Scentsified Scents for some lovely scents and they got really cute warmers too! 


  1. It sounds soo good. I need to try them. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Wow it 's so cool. I 'd love to give scented candel a try...but most of them smell sweet

    1. Scentsy has so many different scents.. you can find something that isnt too sweet :)

  3. Oh wow. Sounds so good. I love scented candles and the aromatherapeutic kinds. What a great product :)


  4. mm is like a two in one item.. you can use it to decor and fragrance as well.:)

  5. I have tried scentsy...didnt like the pomegranate one i got...I guess this must be good....

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