Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello Everybody Nature Holic Body Lotion - Grapefruit

A product which has no parabens is always something that interests me. Im ever looking for new and interesting products without any chemicals. So please feel free to send me loads of suggestions! I love them!

This body lotion is one i won from Wishtrend! I got a bunch of other items which i will write about soon. They always got these lovely giveaways so you should definitely have a look at their page. They have this huge range of korean products and ship WORLDWIDE! Have a look! I have not used Korean skincare products so i dont know how good they are.. have you tried them? Tell me some favorites please.


Just imagine you cut open a grapefruit and smell it.. YES! Smells EXACTLY like FRESH GRAPEFRUIT! Yay! No artificial scents i guess. Smells really so fresh and cool! If you love grapefruit.. you will definitely want to smell this one. The scent stays on the skin for quite sometime so you become a walking grapefruit! Haha..

Texture & Moisturization:

Its a light lotion.. good for normal skin as a light day moisturizer. Especially if you are going out during the day it would be ideal. If you got dry skin then this is not the one for you. I like to use this for the day and also for my hands as a hand lotion. Light and really fresh.

Will I recommend?

If you love the scent of grapefruits and want something light and refreshing during the summers.. please try this one! You might like it! Its free from chemicals!!!! its quite a hit for me.


  1. from ur description seems like it smells yummy....
    So glad has no artificial smell...
    I use products from Aroma Magic Range.. They have these awesome essential oils as ingredients and its soap & parabens free... I simply love it..

    This one also seems worth a try since has no parabends which is a huge advantage.

    1. i havent used aroma magic.. though its available here.. do they have a good foot cream

    2. ya they a Camphor Ice foot Cream its super awesome....
      and also try their peppermint cleanser.. M in love with both of these

  2. Never heard of the brand before! Seems like my type of scent :)
    Im having a Bath and Body Works giveaway on my blog, I hope you enter <3

  3. very tepmting review. :)


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