Friday, November 15, 2013


One of the most amazing things about having babies is that you get to re live your childhood days.. you get to buy toys and play! You go into this fabulous world of colours and animals and WOW its truly such an adventure. Its one of those lovely moments and perks of parenthood.. dont you think? And have you ever felt so excited to buy your baby a toy.. i mean more excited than he is? Haha! Is it just me? I dont know.. sometimes i feel as though im too excited for my own good. LOL. 

This cute little puzzle is what i got from Little Wooden Wonders. Its simple, looks clean and nice and yes it is wooden. I love wooden toys for my little one. Mr. Baby is 2 years old and loves to throw things around, break them, bite off bits and pieces out of everything he sees. Well NOT EVERYTHING but you know what i mean.. you will definitely know if you have a toddler.. especially a little boy. They are a handful. So definitely wooden toys are a great choice. He cant break them off so easier and biting doesnt really do much. Ha! Thats such a relief! Anyways this little toy was a hit from the very beginning. Ofcourse one reason is that this is his first elephant puzzle and also because of the little baby elephant.. he's such a cutie! 

As you can see the pieces are clean cut and nice. This is handmade! I love handmade toys! They are always something special and totally uniquw. The pieces come together easier without a struggle but i must admit that your toddler will not be able to get it right the first time.. which is ofcourse a great thing because it gives him the chance to think a little hard (not too hard) and try it a couple of times before he completes it. Toddlers always love a challenge so this is ideal for your little Einstein. 

If you are wondering if your toddler will like these type of puzzles.. trust me they just love it! They love the challenges! Its something you and your little one can play with together.. let him figure it out.. you can help him a little and yes give a huge loud clap when he gets it right! If you are worried about choking hazard - you can see the pieces of the puzzle are rather big.. the only piece that is a little smaller in size is the little baby elephant.. which is not big enough to be swallow BUT i know how worried we moms are so its always a good idea to let your baby play under your supervision. Ofcourse what should be the case with any toy until they grow a bigger older. Always keep an eye on them while they play and stay somewhere close by so you can run to them if they need you.

So that was my little review of Mr. Baby's latest toy! Hope you liked it!If you want to win one of these cute puzzles all you got to do is enter the giveaway. Its open worldwide so anyone anywhere in the world can enter for a chance to win.


  1. Totally agreed with you in buying baby toys. Getting excited to buy toys for baby because I can play with them one is too young for handle toys as she sucking everything she holds. So we just starting out to introduce her to toy world. looking forward to play with dolls, kitchen sets and all. Lol. Lovely review and a cute giveaway.

    1. Thank you! Best of Luck! Hope your little one is doing great :)

  2. Thank you for this lovely review!
    I m going to enter , and if I win I ll give it to my nieces.
    Have agreat weekend!
    thank you for your beautiful posts and giveaways!


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