Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pineapple Lip Shine Stick from the Sugar Shack

Cant get enough of lip balms haaaaaa! I got loads and loads that i am trying to finish off but i seem to be getting more and more of new ones! How lovely yeah. Thank you God!

Today will be a review on this new lip balm/shine that i totally am in love with!!!!!!!!!! WOW!! ITS SUPER MOISTURIZING and gives that perfect beautiful sexy shine onto my lips!! As though i have applied lip gloss.. you know. 


Pineapples! WOW! who doesnt love this scent! Its super fresh and also kinda sweet. LOVE THIS SCENT! So refreshening and fruity! It doesnt have a taste unfortunately but the scent is a must try! 

Moisturization & Shine:

Moisturizes so well!! Would be good for the harsh winters too! I dont have chapped lips or dried up lips so i dont know if it treats them but it looks like it just might be able to help. The shine stays on for a long time if you dont eat.. it gives this super shine to my lips.. glowy and healthy. Comes on clear.. no color.


I love this product!! Im using it the whole day.. no complaints! Its lovely! The scent is a must try!! So try this product and let me know your thoughts! And hey any pineapple scented body washes that you might want me to try? Let me know!! Im super in love with pineapple for now..


  1. Pineapple???? Yummmmy :D :D Lovely review

  2. I don't sweetened my Lipshine sticks because sweetener adds calories (I know hard to believe eh? but it does).
    Thank you so much for your review !!!! Your such a sweetheart and I hope to send you many more products in the near future for you to review!

    H @ the Sugar Shack

    1. Thank you so much and im so glad you liked the review! I didnt know sweetened lip sticks can add calories!! haha.. never thought of that.. :-)

  3. Either did I until I started making them. Plus if they are sweetened you lick your lips like crazy and thats why you keep re applying chapsticks.


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