Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wishlist: Gowns for every Princess from eFox City!

Gone are the days when you got nothing to wear on a romantic date and you got to go around asking friends to lent you something.. hehe! Really.. girls do the lending business so well yeah?! Nowadays we got loads of lovely online shopping site that offer amazing collections of gowns and dresses! WOW! Wish i had an occasion to actually wear them for! Honestly sometimes you got to create an occasion just so you can wear your lovely gowns to!! LOL Who agrees with me?

Anyways today i thought of showing you some lovely gowns that i found on this online shopping site called eFox city! They got loads and loads of dresses and the prices are reasonable too! So here are some of my secret crushes and let me know what you like the most!

Now its time for you to imagine yourself as a Princess whose getting ready for her ball hehe! LETS GET STARTED YOUR MAJESTY! CHOOSE WHAT YOU LOVE ----->

If you want a good girl look:


One Shoulder Empire Floor Length Gown with Chiffon





V-Neck Strapless Floor Length A-Line Gown with Chiffon

For a more daring striking look:

One Shoulder Mermaid Floor Length Gown with Tulle Lace and Organza Style




Sweetheart A-Line Asymmetrical Length Gown with Chiffon Style 





Halter Floor Length A-Line Gown with Organza


One Shoulder Floor Length A-Line Gown with Chiffon and Chamrmeuse

For a playful sexy look:




One Shoulder Asymmetrical Length A-Line Gown with Organza





Sweetheart Trumpet Floor Length Gown with Taffeta





Strapless Floor Length Ball Gown with Tulle and Satin


 WOW so wasnt that pretty amazing? A really awesome collection of gowns.. for different occasions.. if you are into beautiful gowns.. you should definitely check out this site for more designs and collections.


Now Princess, tell me what is your choice? :P


  1. Gorgeous gowns!! Great post Zatz :) I am liking them all.

  2. wow i am in love with all these gowns :O <3
    my favorite is the last one, black corset gown. *sigh* so beautiful.

  3. One Shoulder Empire Floor Length Gown with Chiffon is beautiful.

  4. Omg these are such yummy looking gowns!!

  5. I dont know which one i love the most!!

  6. OMG!! I love them all,they all looks really sexy and fun too ;)

  7. Dresses are really beautiful * - *

  8. ♥ it!!! The red and the last black are gorgeous!!

  9. I love Halter Floor Length A-Line Gown with Organza!


  10. O wow ! gr8 selection girl, it looks fabulous !
    xoxo <3

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