Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sneak Peek: Into a Closet of Pastel Jeans! [Guest Post]

You know me.. im noisy as EVER! I always want to know what you're doing.. what you're wearing.. what you're using! HAHA! Curious as EVER. And yes i got curious and got into a fans closet to check out her collection of Pastel Jeans! She loves colors.. a really colorful person she is. She got us a few pictures so we can drool on them. 

And i can hear you ask me, 'Okay so where are yours young lady??' HAHA! I still can NOT fit into my old pairs of jeans.. still working on those after C section exercises. :-( I know! But im working and i will get there sometime soon and there's going to be a huge clothes shopping and i will definitely take you along with me. Till then.. we better look into other lovely closets. Like this one here.

Yay! I love the colors! Dont you? How about adding some mint.. a bit of yellow.. and hmmm.. What else? You tell me! And do you have some pictures you like to share? Send them over HERE! Hope you liked this post! And if you want to be featured here.. you got to be cute.. i know you are :P and ofcourse i will need some lovely pictures!

Thanks to my model here! Thanks Mippy for these pictures :-)

Have a Pink Day :-)


  1. Replies
    1. Heya! Thanks btw knowing you.. you might own some crazy colors! YOU'RE TAGGED :-)

  2. I like the pink color!!!!!!!!! I have some too. will get pictures to you soon. Wheres her face? :)

  3. I like the pink one too! I want to have one soon. :)

  4. ill post the pics with ma face next time :)

  5. Love the colors, so bright and happy :)) i especially like the orange/tangerine color :))

    Jasmine bhatia

  6. lovely colors to bright up one's day !!!!
    loved the orange and the pink one :)

  7. Love the orange one! So chic! ^_^
    Namita <3

  8. love the pink one :)

  9. WoW!!! I adore all the coloured jeans this season. It is so nice to wear colours other than blue, navy or black. I must admit, I don't mind paying a little extra for good fit and for 'quality' - ie coloured jeans that will not fade after a few washes! I recently splashed out on some blue Ted Baker jeans in bright blue - £79 but soooo worth it! I am after some pink now! Great little review thank you!

  10. Wish I could pull of colored jeans!

  11. Lovely colors...My fav is the Pink / Orange one..Bright and Colorful perfect for this season

  12. whoa :D *speechless*
    I love the pink one. It's perfect for this summer :3

  13. Betsy Rubendall Barnes

    These colors are wonderful :)

  14. i purchased a light tangerine one yesterday..... Hope it looks good..... :)
    my first pair of colored jeans :)

  15. very pretty, i love the colors :)
    purchase light yellow, I have that and it looks awesome.

  16. Like the colored jeans on ladies, not at all on men


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