Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Beautiful Personalised Shell Keyring from Aaliyah

Isnt this so beautiful? Love it so much! Its a cute little keyring, fits inside my palm. Its small and cute! This is actually a gift for me from Aaliyah! Thank you so much! This is so sweet! This was engraved especially for me :-) And you can get yours done too.. you can get any letter you want or a name.. intials.. its a really cute idea. I think its a perfect gift to someone you love. Im thinking of endless names and things i can get engraved for my husband :-) I definitely will get one keyring done especially for him. So what do you think? Who will you gift this to?


  1. its sooo pretty :)
    even i have one ..... m sooo attached to it...consider it my lucky charm :)

  2. Lov'd this :)
    I have a thing for collecting key-chains, got plenty of them! <3


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