Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cocoa Kisses Lip Silk from Home Brewed Soaps

The tube is so cute! Its oval shaped.. not the usual round ones. Slim and handy. Totally natural.. petroleum free lip balm. 

Good stuff about this product is that - Ofcourse its all natural and is safe on your lips, really moisturizing and makes lips soft and smooth. Comes on clear. No tint or color. The scent is like.. hmmm.. nutty. A kinda buttery nutty scent. No sign of chocolates though. 

Bad thing is that - Doesnt have a taste at all.. wish it could taste nice. Would have been enjoyable. 

Will I Reccommend?

If you're looking for a chemical free lip balm that moisturises well, you should definitely give this a try :-) Nothing extra special though.


  1. Looks like amazing product, would love to try it

  2. you knw i am currently using, grape soda flavored lip balm from hearts and bows..it also a natural one, i love it except for the flavour..i guess we shud switch the balms..lol

    1. never heard of hearts and bows.. aaaaaaaah try to do some research :)

  3. looks good. would love to have my hands on it


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