Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stila Smudge Pots [Black]

So i finally won a giveaway! Yay! and got this amazing gel eyeliner! Thanks alot to Sugar Junkie  for this lovely present :) Isnt it so cute ;-)

Its a black gel eyeliner in a cute little pot. Its quite creamy and nice. Really easy to use.. glides on well. Unfortunately DOESNT come with a eyeliner brush so you got to get it separate. 

The little pot is SO CUTE! I love it!! I think thats the fun part about this product. The package is interesting.

So if you want to know how good it is - 

Its BLACK! A really black liner
Doesnt smudge.. perfect for long hours
No fading too soon
Water proof

Thats 2 swipes of eyeliner! Its really dark black. Perfect for daily use :-)

Will I Reccommend?

Yes! Its a cutey little product! You should try it. I had no problems at all!


  1. wow...thats great.. <3
    evn i am using a gel liner from mac..its just says intact

  2. i love gel liners..... they have better pigmentation and staying power... i m currently using the one by maybelline.....
    congrats on winning :)
    And the pot is the best part :)

  3. Congrats on winning this PinkClouds! :)
    though I don't apply eye liner, my friends I have a lil knowledge abt dem :D This one looks really nice for the sheer color, strong black, love it! and as u said d small box, it is really cute! :)
    If I apply a gel eye liner someday, will surely gonna tel u :D

  4. wow congrats on wining this smudge pot, ihave been using inglot's gel liner and its share ur eye make up pictures using this :)

  5. congrats zathy and this looks really cute

  6. im using maybelline one.
    its nice:)
    i wnna try this too but


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