Wednesday, April 30, 2014

YonKa Vital Defense Anti-Oxidant Anti-Pollution

Call me weird but i would admit it anyways - i always felt my skin was drier during the summers than in winter. LOL! Yes i sound ridiculous but its true. Ofcourse its true .. and why is my skin drier? Well Because of its Mr. Air conditioner! As much as i would admit it gives comfort in these warm desert summers .. i still am not a great fan of this little man. Seriously i dislike him for so many reasons. For starters - my nose gets blocked and i always can not figure out if i feel too cold or not cold enough.Its just a personal preference that might not make much sense to you.

So after realising that some of my most loved day time creams did not work that well! WEIRD! But i dont blame the cream because i know its my skin that seems to be kinda different these days. I took out my Yonka Vital Defense face cream which i only use if and when im going out because i feel its more suitable for outdoors and also it is pricey so you know how we love to keep it in possession for as long as possible. Oh yeah something like that!

It looks really light and yes it feels really light too but dont think for a second it doesnt work well because surprising it totally soothes my skin and makes the dry patches go away! Totally moisturises and makes skin soft without making it greasy or feeling heavy. Use it under your make up and it feels and looks really amazing. AWESOME!

The Good Stuff:

Feels light and perfect for day use
Protects skin from pollution
Comes on light and allows use of makeup easier
Moisturises and soothes out dry skin during the summer

The Not so Good Stuff:


So ..

So i took it out and i am using it at home as well because my skin needs that extra love and protection. It may seem pricey but if you are someone who is working outside alot and prone to skin damage this might be something you would want to try out! And also make up lovers can safely add on the colours without worrying about feeling too heavy or greasy! And also paraben free! Love it! 

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Hope you liked the review! 


  1. Its actually weired that your dries in summer . But i think its better than that too much oily skin . Nice review ♡

    1. It sure is weird but yes oily skin is worse! Hehe

  2. omg...I have never seen a person whose skin gets drier during summers...I have super oily review dear.....xoxoxo....^_^

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