Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth

Wow! Today is like one of those days you wish you were at home.. you know like at home with your mommy around to fuss all over you. Haha.. AAH i think i might be falling sick or something and its not a pretty sight. Mr. Baby might be falling sick too (i hope not!!!!!) so its one of those BAD days you know. Is the climate changing or what? I feel as though it may be.. not sure.. this is like my first year here in Qatar so not sure but something is up thats for sure. 

Anyways i do miss home sometimes like now - its that sad but nice feeling. I cant help thinking what i would be doing if i was at home right now.. most probably fussing about my runny nose and telling my mom how i DID NOT get a wink of sleep last night (not exaggerating!) and she would make me black tea and make me eat some breakfast because i need to take my pills. Moms are the best yeah. And you know what ..thinking back i just realised i dont remember a day yes a single day my mom slept late or just even stayed in bed saying she was ill and let us fend for ourselves! Seriously! Not one single day! Thats amazing dont you think.. There were those 'mom is sick today' days but never ever had a 'whose making the morning tea today?' days. Amazing. Truly. I really havent learnt much from my mom because i was always busy being the little girl the whole time but there are these little beautiful things i did notice and would love to practice in my life as well. Hopefully. 

ANYWAYS - today i wanted to talk about a product i have been using for about 3 months now. Loving it and will be using it up pretty soon so here's my little review.

Comes in a little bottle. Really cute. AND GREEN! Yes! I think its just to let you know that its almost all natural. 99% of ingredients are of natural origin. Which is a nice thing to hear. Seriously. 


So if you are looking for products that are more towards natural ingredients and all that you should definitely keep this product in mind. 

It comes with a dropper so its really convenient to keep in control. Just about 2 - 3 drops are enough to cover up your face and neck. It sinks in about a minute or 2. ISNT HEAVY OR OILY. No greasiness at all. It is a thick rich serum but not on the greasy side. I remember how i used to feel when i was trying out my Lulu and Boo Organics Rosehip Face Lifting Serum. It used to be so oily.. AAH! I got no problems with this one.

How to use:

Cleanse face - Tone - APPLY SERUM - Apply Eye cream - Lather on your moisturiser. 

I know some of us have a hard time remembering this. You got to apply the serum BEFORE your moisturiser. Yes BEFORE. NOT AFTER. And yes use your moisturiser.. dont skip it. 


Its rich but not the SUPER concentrated HEAVY kind. You can see its running of my palm. Its not too runny either.. I wonder why its so runny today maybe 'HE' doesnt like taking photos LOL.

I have been using this serum along with The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream and The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream. [You can check out my reviews on them as well] I must say its works so well together. It just totally blends in and moisturises my skin SUPER WELL.


Has a fresh scent. Really light and doesnt last at all so it wouldnt be a bother. You may not really notice it.


I always say this about anti aging product - im not sure about the fine lines or wrinkle reduction because i dont actually have that issue at the moment. The one thing i did notice was that my face has become more smoother and healthy looking. My skin tone is more even now. My skin is more soft and the 'dullness' has lifted off. Which is great! I totally love love this serum because it makes me feel refreshed when i use it.. its not heavy at all. Sinks in so soon and leaves my skin feeling soft. I use it every night and sometimes during the late afternoons when i take a long nap. I go to bed totally moisturised and wake up looking bright.. its definitely a good feeling! 


I love this serum and will definitely recommend it to ladies who are looking for something that will help smoothen out skin. I am planning on sending my mom a bottle and maybe i will be able to let you know how it works on her (VERY SOON!). This one is paraben and silicone free so YEAH always better to go for products that do not have too many scary in them.

Do let me know what serums you are using at the moment and hope you liked my review.


  1. Nice review Dear, you make me drool over this :p
    Moms are best creations.... hope you get better very soon :)
    God Bless!

    1. Thank you so much :-) yes moms are irreplaceable definitely! !

  2. Real sweet post... :) nice to know more about you dear...
    BTW: Lovely product :)

    1. Thank you sweets you always have the kindest words to say :-)

  3. hope you are OK now. totally in love with what you say about your mother. because it remembered me about my mother. moms are always best. Haven't use a serum as yet, seems the product is good, a good review too.

    1. Thanks Sweets! I am better now much better! How is your little gal? and you are right.. moms are the best always :)

  4. hope you are OK now. totally in love with what you say about your mother. because it remembered me about my mother. moms are always best. Haven't use a serum as yet, seems the product is good, a good review too.


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