Thursday, September 19, 2013

Etherealle Vegan Mineral Lipsticks - Whisper, Tenderling and Papaya

I love mineral makeup! Vegan, cruelty free, natural ingredients - those are some of the words i love reading on my makeup packages. It makes me feel more comfortable using them because i know im not overloading my body with too many scary chemicals. What i got here are some lovely goodies from Etherealle. They are handmade, natural and cruelty free! Amazing! In other words my kinda cosmetics!

Those are the swatches. Its super creamy and pigmented! I was totally surprised at how creamy it was and it just glided onto my lips. Love it! Stays on for quite a long time - a couple of hours atleast even with a bit of eating and washing my face and all that. It survived! It did fade a little but there's always time to touch up yeah! Cute little tubes, totally travel friendly! It has this slight smell of Water Melon. All 3 of the lipsticks smell like water melon.. sweet and light. I do like it. Its not strong or anything.. but its there. A nice scent. It doesnt taste of anything though. (which is good, right?) 


You can see those are such lovely colours and comes on smooth onto the lips. Pigmentation and staying power is great too. ITS VEGAN! CRUELTY FREE AND FREE FROM NASTIES! Its a super must try! Like i always say - its always better to include as much as natural ingredients into your makeup and skincare and cut off those nasty scary stuff. Always better to stay safe than sorry. 

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