Saturday, September 7, 2013

Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In It

I must admit Soap & Glory does have the cutest girlishness when it comes to packaging and the little witty lines in between kinda makes you want to read and re read them all the time.  I have been using a couple of their products lately and AAH! I know some of them are totally hyped all over the beauty blogs and i thought maybe there i might end up not liking them (i always have some problem with super hyped products - i dont know why) Im pleasantly surprised how much i started liking and ended up loving them! It grows on you if you know what i mean. This is like one of their - totally loved products. Its a 2 in 1 thing. You can use if as a face scrub and also a mask which is pretty handy if you really got no time to allocate time to a face mask day - you can use this product and YAY! Well scrubbed and treated face in just about 3 mins time. Totally cool. So this one is for people who complain about large pores and blackheads. I dont see the word 'blackheads' anywhere on this tube but it works! TOTALLY WORKS!


Toothpaste. Menthol. Its just that. No girly scents. No pink. BORING MENTHOL TOOTHPASTE. But it doesnt really bother me. If it works on my nose then i would use it. Toothpaste or onion juice! Bring it on LOL. Ok onion juice is a totally off topic ladies. No smell of onions here.. will let you know about my onion juice phase some other time. Anyways Yes TOOTHPASTE is the key word here.


It smells like toothpaste and looks like that too. Its thick and creamy. You dont see any granules or scrubbing beads. It looks simple and plain. But it scrub well! Very well. Its not too gentle - it does its job pretty well.

What happens exactly?

You apply the face mask on and let it stay for about 3 mins. Wet your fingers and massage it all over your face and rinse off. Face looks slightly brighter and very clean. Nose looks smoother and nice. You really dont see a magical glow or a dramatic change at first. I have been using it for 3 weeks now. Twice a week at most. Though i didnt really think much at first - looking at my nose now i can see a big change. My nose is more smoother and shiny. When i say shiny i mean like you just nose stripped (Yes i made the word up and will be using it along so please add it your glossary) your nose and then you see a clean shiny brand new nose. Yes. Thats what you get. A brand new nose! It takes time to work but you can see the changes in about 2 weeks or so. Blackheads are clearing out pretty well and my nose feels soft and smooth to touch. LOVE IT! 


I love this one! I can totally skip using nose strips for weeks because my blackheads are more controlled and totally less noticeable nowadays. My pores look less noticeable too but im not sure if its the product or my brains because my pores have a direct link with my mood. The brighter the mood the smaller they appear so i guess im on my brighter days right now. Totally under control. Its a no fuss scrub+mask. Quite minty and you feel that as soon as you put on a layer of product on your face. A little goes a long way so i think i will be able to use this tube forever. One thing i noticed is - you need to moisture after scrubbing. It doesnt dry out the skin but it doesnt really give you the 'i dont need to moisturise today' feel so you must moisturise after use. I really hope Soap & Glory starts removing parabens from their products.. other that that i got absolutely no complains and im officially Loving it and Totally scrubbing my nose in it! You got blackheads? You got to try it.

Shopping Spots:

Boots at Landmark (It was on offer last week)

Pink Clouds Store - Mention Code 'Scrubby' and get a 5% discount on this product TODAY, TOMORROW OR THE NEXT DAY (OK UNTIL I CHANGE MY MIND)


  1. Wow what a review, I enjoyed reading this. M pretty sure I m Trying this one soon.
    Thnx for sharing

    1. thanks and do let me know your thoughts after trying :)

  2. Beautifully reviewed! :D
    So happy this one worked for you.....will buy it soon( if its available in Indian stores!) :/ :)

  3. Beautifully reviewed! :D
    So happy this one worked for you.....will buy it soon( if its available in Indian stores!) :/ :)


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