Monday, September 23, 2013

Spa Ceylon Ayurveda Sleep Therapy Bath and Shower Gel

So i guess im up today! No sleeping.. well ACTUALLY i dont know why.. its just like i need to catch up on sleep but i need to start getting chores done. Honestly you must be thinking WOW THIS GIRL HAS SO MUCH GOING ON but nah. Im just plain lazy and when i get some free time i like to relax. Too much relaxing has led to a pile of stuff to do. I need to organise and do that fast. I also got my medical test done last night for my visa and im so glad its over with. Its a long wait and all that queue. Thank God. Anyways i was just thinking you know how sometimes you feel you go to a hospital or somewhere and the people working there are kinda mean to the patients. Its so weird. I mean why would you be mean? I know you're having a long tiring day but it just doesnt justify being mean. Maybe it makes them feel superior or something?! No idea. I think some people are just so mean for no reason what so ever. Have you ever felt people at hospitals are mean for no reason? ANYWAYS!

You know how i LOVE Spa Ceylon and im always going on and on about their products and all that. I will spare you that now and if you are new to my blog or this brand please do check out my other reviews on this brand. These products are worth trying and yes paraben free and free from animal ingredients. Amazing!


A nice calm and pleasant scent of ylang ylang. Its not strong and annoying but yes there is a scent and it makes your shower totally amazing BUT does not stay on your skin after the shower. It just disappears after a couple of minutes. I wish it stayed a bit though.. going to bed with a bit of this scent on you might be totally relaxing.


It lathers up very well. Not so foamy and soapy but it does lather enough to give you a good cleanse and it makes you feel totally fresh and no greasy after feel or anything odd going on there. I know some spa products tend to be TOO moisturising and leave this greasiness behind but no this one isnt one of those.

Well, whats the big deal?

This product comes from the Sleep Therapy range which is for washing away stress and helps you relax and sleep better. Which im sure it does.. the scent totally helps calm down and the lavender relaxes your mind. I, on the other hand would not need anything to help me sleep right now because im a total sleepy head already. I just need something to keep me awake. LOL! I love sleeping.. i can sleep all day. BUT i do notice how it totally relaxes me after a stressful day and i love that! I wouldnt recommend using it in the morning.. try it at night and you will love it! Trust me. Sleep or no sleep - this product really washes away the 'CRAPPY DAY TODAY' feeling which i think is a great thing. It has lavender, ylang ylang, orange, lemon and patchouli in it. Also almond, aloe vera, coconut, honey and olive oil. Well thats a bunch of natures goodness in a bottle. RIGHT?!


I love the scent, the whole concept, the green little bottle and the amazing stuff inside. I have totally almost used this up and still love it. Do try it if you got sleeping problems or you just want something to help make you detox after a long day at work. You will love it! 



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