Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

Vitamin creams are the new thing!! Well i know its been there for quite sometime now but i just discovered them myself.. LOL. I always discover things a bit too late yeah.. thats because i dont usually run off and buy new stuff that comes into the skincare world. I'd rather wait till a 100 bloggers have used them and loved them and then i slowly walk into the stores and buy away (yes the black or maybe RED robe sweeping through the floors like a Princess). OK THAT WAS WAY too much imagination. I am not that dramatic in person.. trust me. Not these days anyways. 

If you are a regular reader of beauty blogs you would have definitely seen this product featured a dozen times with some really good reviews and well it is true. This is one lovely moisturizer and i loved it from DAY ONE. My skin is ofcourse low maintenance - that is because i got sensitive skin and im paranoid all the time about trying new products.. i dont usually leap into new stuff. I take days to decide what face wash i need to buy next.. toner.. and then moisturizer. God! how many decisions does a girl need to make these days? Its a burden sometimes. And on the rare occasions when i do try a product that doesnt break me out - i totally hug it tight and try to remember to use it everyday. Being lazy doesnt help.. and having a baby who loves eating cream is another threat. I HIDE all my creams! And then i forget where i hid them. LOL! The pleasure of being a mom.. wonderful isnt it. Makes me want to smile everytime i forget to remember where my hiding place is. 


Has a lovely scent.. light and fresh. Not cool fresh but girly fresh.. the kinda breezing through fresh. 


A light moisturiser.. really light. Gets absorbed super fast and says on the face. Moisturises WELL and keeps face feeling and looking smooth and healthy. No break outs or anything fishy. I have been using this one for day and night and works well for both times. It doesnt have any specials claims as such so its a basic skin cream that you can use everyday to keep your face soft and looking lovely. For those hot hot days.. it doesnt make you feel greasy or wear you down.. and for those cold days.. it provides the right amount of moisture. UNLESS you live in a really COLD country.. i wouldnt know if it would be perfect for you but moderate coldness yes. 


If you are looking for a good daily face cream that helps keep your skin super soft and smooth this would be a great choice. Nothing complicated or fishy. This didnt cause any skin irritations for me.. and paranoid me loves it! You might love it too so give it a try and let me know. 

For those who live in Qatar and would love to keep in touch with the updates - Keep in touch on Facebook with The Body Shop Qatar. If you are in Sri Lanka.. you can purchase this product from us. Contact us here. 


  1. I enjoy your post specially where you mention about baby's habit of eating creams :)
    Nice review xx

  2. I have seen this one but havent tried it.. i think i will try it next. BTW you are dramatic hahaha! in a good day.

  3. Nice review.. Will definitely keep in mind and buy the Vitamin E Moisture Cream when I visit the Body Shop store this month.. Thanks..

  4. Looks like an awesome cream! Great review!

  5. I am looking out for good moisturizer will give it a try.


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