Saturday, June 1, 2013

Soap For Divas from Soap By Elena

Colourful soaps are always a favorite.. it makes the shower time really fun.. dont you think? Well this handmade soap is from Soap by Elena. No wonder its called Soap for Divas.. can you see that glitter on top? Super cute!

After admiring the colours for a couple of days i finally decided to try it! No i didnt take the whole bar into the shower. It seemed to be a waste so i cut it into a smaller piece and used it. I think its better that way so you dont waste your soap bar. And also if you got petite hands.. it would be difficult holding such a huge soap in the shower. Well not that difficult but you know what i mean. 


Has a really cologny fresh scent! Its really mild.. nothing strong. Comes on little light.. you may feel the scent while you lather.. the bathroom is totally freshened and perfumed up but you may not feel any on your body after the shower. Its an enjoyable scent i must say! Perfect for those who are looking for something super light and not overpowering. I personally love a more prominent scent that lasts longer. If you got a nose for lighter scents.. this is perfect!


Lathers quite well and cleans skin so well without drying the skin! Thank God for that! Its a really dry weather here in Qatar and most soaps kinda dry out my skin. This one is amazing! My skin is soft and nice after a proper full soapy shower and no dry spots anywhere!

The brownie points:

The colours are amazing! So lovely to look at! Super cute! Perfect as a gift to your lovelies or even yourself. Kinda brighens up your soap dish. This handmade soap is SLS and DETERGENT FREE! Isnt that amazing! So its a good choice for daily use. Its always best to go in for chemical free products as much as we can. Dont you think?


A really beautiful handmade soap perfect for everyone whose looking for chemical free skincare products, mildly scented to those with sensitive noses! Would you like to try this one? 


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  2. This soap looks amazing! I;d want to eat it, ha! Looks like candy!



  3. Awww so yummy pictures loved it very much :)


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