Sunday, June 23, 2013

Soap and Glory Hand Food

You must have read about a 100 reviews on this product and almost every one says 'OMG AMAZING' and will i say the same? haha .. well well .. you never know! Actually i was surprised at my reaction myself. First of all - my expectations were sky high and when i first used it .. i was like 'Meh' I was wondering what was all that hype about? I mean the BEST HAND CREAM EVER? Really? But then .. i kept using it .. and its been just about 2 weeks now and this tube is almost over. Does that say anything to you?


Definitely a light cream not too light but its just right. Massage it onto your hands and it gets absorbed instantly but DOES NOT disappear like some other light hand creams. A thin layer of moisture stays on to keep your hands super smooth and soft. Not greasy or annoying in any way. Love the feeling! My hands feel so soft and comforting!


Smells nice .. really nice actually and i assume its marsh mellows but i dont know. Do marsh mellow have a scent? I didnt take notice all these days! Smells sweet and fruity .. like their  Girligo Spray-On Body Moisturising Mist  which i thought was okay .. but the cream smells somewhat nicer and pleasant. The scent is long lasting and stays on the hands for a long long time. Makes me want to smell my hands every 5 minutes. Yes i keep taking a sniff or two every now and then. BAD HABIT but i cant help it! Its not easy to stop! TRUST ME!

So ..

My hands are on the recovering safe already so i would say its just dry hands im having here. No more scary hands or any horror stories. I bought this as my basic day time hand cream and i must say it works good. Once applied, my hands turn into their old version .. takes me back to my soft hand days! Totally smooth and really soft. The healing process is slow but it is taking place i can feel it as days go by. The only problem is that - i feel the need to apply and reapply EVERY HOUR which i think is like an addiction. The cream tends to wear off in about an hour and then i realised that i want to reapply and then reapply and it goes on the WHOLE DAY. I have almost finished up this tube in less than 2 weeks which is too much even for a hand cream addict like me. I wish i didnt need to do that .. i dont want to be spending all my money on hand food. LOL! Anyways this is a good hand cream for normal / dry hands and works well BUT if you got super dry hands or cracked hands .. i think it may take awhile and lots and lots of cream to make your hands heal. You might have to go build a tent on Soap & Glorys Hand Food Factory .. i wouldnt mind that (im on one of my crazy days) BUT NO NO DONT START PACKING NOW! STOP! LOL! 

So you decide if this is for you .. meanwhile i will buy myself another tube and use it up maybe in about 2 weeks and 2 days? 

Shopping Spot:

Boots, Landmark QR 15


  1. omgggg that looks so cool!
    its gonna be common for me entering here <3 hope we could follow
    Sergio, xx

  2. it looks like great


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