Monday, June 3, 2013

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter

I was looking at The Body Shop Qatar Facebook Page and then i see this post about the Mango Body Butter and im like oh WOW! 

'Did you know? Mango Oil from 20 hand-picked mangoes goes into each tub of our luscious Mango body butter!'

I was really surprised! I mean thats alot of mango oil right.. such a super rich body butter for sure. Well its body butter it should be rich but anyways still surprised in a happy way. So then i thought since this body butter was something i was using now.. and its almost going to be over.. its the right time to post my review. Right? So i picked it up from amongst the spices on my kitchen counter. (Yes that is my hiding spot for now) and here i am. The tub looks a bit beaten up.. actually it had to survive a flight from Sri Lanka to Qatar.. then loads of football with Mr. Baby.. a couple of nights lost under the bed and NOW on the kitchen counter. Thank God the tub is super steady and leak proof. Never thought of this before but just to let you know these tubs are super leak proof! Haha!


My nose is always really confused with these body butter scents.. but this MANGO SCENT IS SO GOOD! I totally love it! Its simple and fruity and really refreshing in a chewy mango candy kind of way. You feel really perfumed up and smelling so good. No artificial scents.. its just beautiful mango.


Thick and buttery.. takes a little bit of massage to absorb. NOT GREASY like some of the other scents from The Body Shop. But definitely something that adds a layer of moisture onto the skin. 


It says HYDRATION FOR VERY DRY SKIN but i think it would be more suitable for normal - dry skin during the cold weather. Good for the day time use. Makes skin feel soft for a long time without being greasy. I need a bit more moisture during the nights lfor e.g Passion fruit or Pink Grapefruit.. thats because i love the greasy butters for night time. But if you got dry skin - this is super awesome for day time use.. also for night time if you like something moisturising but not greasy. But me - i will go for something more greasy for overnight moisture.


I love this one! For its scent and how it makes my skin soft and smooth.. i use it mostly during the day when i manage to grab a few minutes to relax and get some me time! Do try it! Who doesnt love MANGOES!

For those who live in Qatar and would love to keep in touch with the updates - Keep in touch on Facebook with The Body Shop Qatar. If you are in Sri Lanka.. you can purchase this product from us. Contact us here. 


  1. Beautifully reviewed! I have the strawberry flavour from this range and i am loving it!

    1. Thanks. . I wasn't a great fan of the strawberry scent though.

  2. I love mango smell!! It seems like a worth trying products! nicely reviewed!

  3. I've heard a lot about it but never tried.. maybe I will :)
    Nice review

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my last post :)

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  4. Wow I love citrusy & all type of fruity smells :) Is it bcoz of being a May Girl ;)

  5. Wow I love mangoes... and good review :)

  6. I agree, Body Shop make great body butters!


  7. I love the scent so muchhh :) nicee review :) Following you :)

  8. TBS's body butters smell so heavenly! I think I've got to try this one!


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